{trends & tips} Stylish Grooms

If you follow any of our social media you know we love Man Monday! So we thought we might put together some great looks that we have been seeing on Vancouver Island grooms to provide some man style inspiration for your wedding day.  And…eye candy for the gals is never a bad thing…right?

One thing is certain.  The rules seem to have gone out the window so there has never been a better time to be a fashionable and stylish groom! Trends we have seen lately are the switching up of color for the guys. There is suddenly lots of blues and grays as well as mismatched jackets, patterned ties, waistcoats and vests, hats, suspenders, vintage time pieces, funky shoes and tie clips, gorgeous cuff links…the list could go on and on. The perennial favorite, crazy socks, are turning up everywhere now.  And the boutonnieres are becoming works of art…so enjoy choosing your personal wedding day statement without worrying about formal fashion rules as much.

(Word of warning: Don’t ‘surprise’ your bride with red shoes or plaid suit without her knowing beforehand…trust us on this one!)