{tips} To A Perfect Smile

An Expert Tip By LYNDEN HILLS DENTISTRY  (lyndenhillsdentistry.com)

Photos courtesy of: Jess Collins Photography (jesscollinsphotos.com)


■ Whiten your teeth long before the big day, leaving enough time for touch ups if needed.
■ Floss daily to allow gums to look pink and healthy.
■ Avoid tooth picks; they blunt the gums and create black gaps between the teeth.
■ If you’re interested in veneers, note that they require months for design, preparation, and custom fabrication. It would be best to visit a cosmetic dentist months before the wedding day.


■ Choose white wine over red wine to drink. Red may darken teeth for photos.
■ Drink water to keep hydrated. This will also prevent lips from sticking to your teeth when smiling for the camera! •

Featured in the Fall/Winter 2017 issue of The Wedding Ring ONTARIO Magazine

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