The Wedding Ring Magazine | Ontario Edition | Spring/Summer 2013

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Hot off the press (and now online), the ONTARIO edition of The Wedding Ring Magazine – Spring/Summer 2013 – is in! Read to find out how Southwestern Ontario wedding experts came together to collaborate on fashion, design palettes, real wedding stories, and local wedding news with this (12th) fabulous issue of The Ring’s popular magazine. Cover: TwoToneStudios

AN APOLOGY FOR HRM PHOTOGRAPHY | In the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of The Wedding Ring Magazine, the HRM Photography ad – which shows off one of their signature gorgeous images – ended up printing in low resolution instead of high. That means low quality instead of high. Low res is meant for web and proofs, but not high quality print.

I can assure you that owner, Heather MacEachern, knows her way around pixels, dots per inch, and just about any other design or photography tech spec a pro needs to know. The ad is no reflection on her abilities or talent. It’s our mistake. As editor, my eyes are the last ones to see the proofs and I feel terrible that the wrong version of her beautiful ad was used. We love working with Heather. In fact you’ll find dozens of images from HRM spread throughout the magazine, including a breathtaking design palette – all of which show off her well-established talents.

Soooo, while staff at The Ring are busy trying to make this up to a photographer we’ve worked with and adored for nearly ten years, I just wanted brides to be assured that yes, HRM Photography’s images are not just high quality, but they’re drop dead gorgeous.

– Jenn @ The Ring

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