The Flowers Are Still Blooming! {COVID-19}

The Flowers are Still Blooming! is a guest post by Brandy King from La Petite Fleur

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In the midst of these unprecedented times, few of us have taken time to stop and smell the roses or more importantly … to realize they’re still blooming.

The Flowers are Still Blooming!

Flowers in fields we’ve grown to rely on to create our beautiful event florals cannot simply put a hold on their lives, in the way we’ve so abruptly been required to. Farm crops planned out last season (or even years ago in some cases) are now being ploughed under as events have to be put on hold.

Sadly what this means for many farmers is that the funds to replant or expand for next season’s increased demand (2020 dates being pushed to 2021), will simply be unavailable.

What could this mean for floral designers and event clients?

It could mean increased cost due to scarcity or it could mean that our floral varieties are more limited than usual. And worse … we may lose some of our beloved local farms.

How can we help?

Event Clients

Try to maintain your wedding date wherever possible, or if you need to move your date, try to keep it within the 2020 calendar year.

Floral Designers

Keep your dollars as local as possible to help out our local farmers to make sure they are there and able to help you when the demand surges in 2021. Look for alternative sources locally and begin to support them. Not tomorrow … today!

The Flowers are Still blooming Julie Nicole Photography La Petite Fleur Bride sitting at beautiful wedding table
Photo Above: Julie Nicole Photography

What is La Petite Fleur doing to help?

La Petite Fleur is in the process of organizing “door-step delivery” from some local flower farms to get the flowers that were meant for 2020 Spring events, into the hands of clients who can enjoy them at home. 100% of the proceeds from these bunches will go directly to the flower farms who grew them. Stay tuned to our website for more details and to place your order.

Thank you for supporting your local farms and businesses!

The Flowers are Still Blooming Julie Nicole Photography La Petite Fleur beautiful white wedding bouquet
Photo Above: Julie Nicole Photography

About La Petite Fleur

Brandy King is the owner of La Petite Fleur (a boutique floral and decor company) & La Petite Chapelle Inc. (a modern event venue inside a historic church). She is passionately invested in creating dreams you can step into! To contact Brandy, please use the form below. You can also see more of Brandy’s work in this Style Shoot.

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