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Simply Wedding Photography makes sure that the memories of your day last forever.

Simply Wedding Photography makes sure that every newlywed couple gets to relive the magic and beauty of their wedding day through their photos. Picture it. After your big day has ended, you receive a special delivery! The much-awaited photos are here, and you get to relive the best day of your life over and over, see it from a different point of view, discover moments you didn’t see happening, and enjoy the memories you created. To receive beautiful photos, it is essential that you trust your photographer, love their style, and enjoy their company.

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We talked to a few couples and Simply Wedding Photography to get you the inside scoop on this business, as well as the best tips for choosing your photographer on the big day, and why Simply Wedding is a great choice!

Mikayla says: “I think when choosing any wedding professional, it is so important to choose someone you feel comfortable with. Especially with a photographer. There are so many wonderful and talented photographers
out there, but you also want someone you will have fun with. You spend the entire day with your photographer. They add so much fun to your day, at least mine did!”

Marsha adds: “We got along really well with Jacqueline. She was very honest and told us it was important that we went with a photographer who we felt a connection with – no matter who it was. She told us the photos had to tell our story…a story that you should be able to relive by looking at the photos.”

How it started

Jacqueline Loft, owner and photographer at Simply Weddings Photography tells us that her journey began in 2003, when she bought her first camera (a film Nikon F90) and took some courses through Durham College. She started with family and beauty photography, but found her passion in wedding photography, and hasn’t looked back since. In her words, “Who wouldn’t want a job where they meet new people all the time during one of the happiest occasions of their entire lives. I am constantly surrounded by love and affection.”

Jacqueline photographs anywhere from 25-30 weddings a year, and has been shooting weddings since 2011. Although she has some training from Durham College and Conestoga, she is mostly self-taught.

The Simply Wedding Photography Style

With so many photographers to choose from, how do you select the best fit? One thing to look at is the photographer’s style, to see if their work will reflect your personal style and the general look of your wedding day. Jacqueline says her style is not so definitive that it can be labeled. They create pieces that are unique to each couple, and do not fit a specific category. She mentions that the consistency in their work is the fun and memorable moments with the couple.

Marsha says what they liked most about Simply Wedding’s style is that they had an image list which helped them stay organized and get through pictures quickly. She also loved the canvas print they received. They were very pleased with the emotional moments captured on film of the father/daughter dance, especially since Marsha’s father is in a wheelchair.

Mikayla says: “I love that Simply Wedding has a clean, light, but classic style. It means my images are timeless. It was important to me that even though I love the look of some of the trendy styles on the wedding photography market, that I look back at my photos in years to see something classic.”

About the business

Simply Weddings was on the cover of the Wedding Ring Magazine in the Fall of 2018, was in the 2017/2018 CMHA Ride Don’t Hide Events (Charity) and has photographed in multiple countries.

Simply Weddings is dedicated to client’s needs and is passionate about what they do and create. Even after all this time, and with so many weddings under her belt, Jacqueline truly, deeply loves what she does.

Simply Weddings offers several packages, but the Rose Gold Collection is the most popular because it has everything a couple could want for their wedding day, including two photographers and an open-air Photo Booth during reception.

Jacqueline`s ideal clients are “people who value photography and the images we can create together that are going to last them an entire lifetime. Couples who want to enjoy their day and not worry about the details – because we’ve already made contingency plans!” Jacqueline believes that being easy to work with and making couples feel at ease is what makes the images more natural and amazing, and she values creating a relationship with the clients before the wedding in order to achieve these wonderful images.

The experience

When hiring Simply Weddings you will always meet with Jacqueline, and she will photograph your wedding. Depending on your chosen package there will be a second photographer who photographs one side of the bridal party in the morning (usually the groom) and focuses on alternate angles, guests, and other features that aren’t the main focus.

Marsha tells us that “Meeting Jacqueline, she was incredibly personable. We met her at a wedding show, when my (now) husband was already frustrated. She was friendly, understood the frustration, and was able to make him laugh within a min or two. Working with Jacqueline was a DREAM. She was on time, she was cool as a cucumber and super accommodating. She never once made me feel pressure to rush and worked well with the videographer. She made sure to communicate with us – we needed to get the light for what ending up being our canvas print photo, but she made it fun like “ok guys we got some great light, let’s run and get the shot!” Turns out that was one of my husband’s favourite parts of the video – us running to capture the light – and one of his favourite pictures too! We said if she wasn’t there as a photographer that she would definitely be there as a guest!”

Mikayla says “Simply Weddings has personality and is fun. That is so important. Simply Weddings is perfect for engaged couples who ask too many questions, like me. She was also willing to give an answer or double check on something for me.”

Leanne had a destination wedding on a cruise ship and on her big day Jacqueline “was organized and made sure we got a photo with every family member that joined us for our big day. Her experience showed in the areas she chose to shoot, which included reflections and natural light, while others were fun, which allowed our personalities to shine through. Jacquie played along and always humoured us in our shenanigans. She became part of our group, ate dinner with us, and shared in our entire wedding experience. Her pricing included 4 hours of photography at our reception back home as well. The value of her services far outweighed what we paid. Overall, we are so happy with the memories we have been afforded through Jacquie’s workmanship.”

Simply Wedding Photography prices

And how much does a dream photographer cost? At Simply Weddings the Blush Collection is the elopement package (4 hour coverage) starting at $1600, going up to the Rose Gold Collection at $3600, which includes 12 hours of coverage, two photographers, Photo Booth, canvas print and more!

Marsha thought the prices were in line with other vendors and winning a prize at a show made it easier to go with the top package. She appreciated the photos being delivered quickly, which helped with thank you cards!

Mikayla sees the prices as affordable and at market value at the same time. A great price for the quality of the images you receive.

Details, details, details…

  • All couples have a free, no obligation consult to meet Jacqueline and get to know her, as well as review packages and pricing.
  • All dates are on a first come first serve basis, so book as soon as you can! Once the retainer (30% – non-refundable) is received, the date is yours!
  • Photos are delivered in 4-6 weeks in the slow seasons, and in 6-8 weeks in the busy season.
  • Packages start at $1600 and go up to $3600. If you are having a destination wedding, or want something different from the packages, Simply Weddings is happy to create a package to suit your needs.
  • Simply Weddings accepts Cash, Cheque, Visa, Mastercard, or e-Transfers.

“The best memory would be the connection we felt with Jacqueline. She felt emotionally connected to our wedding – like she was meant to be there. She was excited for us and I’ll always be grateful for how well she handled any natural “pressures” of the day. She also met our dog, a pug, Diesel, when we first booked but he ended up passing away a month before the wedding…so his dog tag was my “something blue” – Jacqueline got great shots of the flowers with his dog tag and it’s like she was sad right along with us. I loved how “in touch” she was with everything.” (Marsha)

“Two of my older siblings both have wedding images in downtown Galt with a wonderful dip and kiss. I had to follow the tradition in order to have them all up at my parent’s house. Simply Weddings was up for the challenge and we got the perfect image to give to mom and dad for Christmas this year.” (Mikayla)

Contacting Simply Wedding Photography

To learn more about Simply Wedding Photography, contact Jaqueline Loft directly by email using the form below. 🙂 You can also visit Simply Wedding Photography online at


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