All you need is love... and

Nearlyweds: Shanelle Showers & Jon Devison

Together for: 2 years

The proposal: “I met my fiance for the first time when I was ten. We never talked. Growing up, we lived so close to each other but never once crossed paths. In high school, our lockers were right next to each other, we had mutual friends and even lived closed to each other.

When I was 16, he finally messaged me on social media… and I declined it because he looked like he was 13. lol When I turned 18, I was working at a coffee shop when one day I get a message on Badoo. It was this really cute buff looking guy. We had an instant connection. He lived close to my work and i lived close to where he worked. Its been over 2 years now, and ive realized that fate is an actual thing when it comes to love. ” – Shanelle

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