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Salon J Hair Studio (Photo: Kristopher James Photography)

Salon J offers a large team of hair and make-up professionals, on and off-site beauty services for brides & an event venue, all in one location

When Jamie J, along with a partner, started out together in Sidney in 2008, they decided they would bring a new attitude to hair and grooming to town. They wanted a one-stop salon that would bring the latest in hair care and esthetics. From facials and body treatments to full hair and make-up, Jamie J has not only succeeded, but went beyond their original dreams. Today, Jamie J, who has taken on the business full time, is watching as Salon J’s staff grows and the day to day atmosphere has become busy as they all work to keep up with the demand in the salon. At the same time, weddings have become a larger part of the repertoire, including on-site and off-site hair and make-up services.

After touring the salon and interviewing staff, the team at The Ring can see why Vancouver Island brides love this salon for all things wedding. Let us explain…

Salon J specializes in catering to brides

The salon itself was designed to look like a garage. It has a fun, edgy and funky feel, but don`t let this attitude fool you. It’s all work, work, work for the eight hairstylists, two esthetician and two make-up artists who make up this team of beauty professionals.

Brides can find services for themselves and their entire wedding party at Salon J. Waxing, tinting, manicures, pedicures, facials, body treatments and even lessons round out all the services offered in the salon.

It’s important to Jamie J and his team that a client be natural looking, and especially so on their wedding day. “I don’t want to see a bride who is overdone or not looking like herself.” So naturalness is the mantra for special occasions.

Jamie J admits that most ladies come in with ‘the photo’ of the hairstyle they would like for the big day. “It’s our job to help them see if it is possible to create that hairstyle with their hair – a trial is absolutely necessary. We can make almost anything work but some brides are not aware that they will need extensions to get that look.”

Kristy, who married on August 27th, loved having all her beautification done at the salon along with her gal party. “It made sure that everyone was in the same place that morning with champagne, fruit and pastries. Everything was just the way I wanted it.”

Salon J associates are ready to deal with whatever comes their way when it comes to weddings. Murrae chose Salon J Studios as the place to be on the morning of her wedding. Drama ensued as she admits that she hated the extensions she had asked for as soon as she saw them completed. “I had all five of my bridesmaids telling me they looked beautiful but I didn’t feel good. My hairdresser was so great! She took most of them out and started again. It was my bridal meltdown and everyone at Salon J just helped me through it and made me feel beautiful!”

Murrae knows her group might have been a challenge for another salon. She remembers, “Salon J was so great about letting us take over the space and everyone was able to be there including the baby. It was very intimate and supportive and just what it turned out that I needed that morning.”

To find out more about what you can expect at Salon J for you and your bridal party, we recommend looking through Salon J’s photos of past clients showcasing intricate braids, curls and ‘updo’s and other styles for brides of every hair length and type… You will also be able to find photos of wedding party make-up and esthetics, showcasing the salon’s mantra of helping brides look naturally beautiful on their wedding day.

Hosting pre-wedding events at Salon J

The salon is also designed so that half of it can be used for private events. This is a huge bonus as it allows wedding parties and friends to gather for wedding showers, gal parties, and stagette events which can include h ‘oeuvres and champagne. There are various packages created for you or they will personalize your event.

Kristy, Salon Manager, explains, “We often have groups of gal pals come in for glamour sessions before heading out for the rest of the evening or having the trial sessions for the wedding day turn into a mini bridal shower. We will create whatever type of beauty event you would like.”

A talented team, including Grace Kelly, makes Salon J stand out from the rest

The main focus for Jamie J and his associates, after pleasing clients of course, is staying on top of trends and educating themselves constantly. Hairstylists regularly go to New York for training, as extreme talent and knowledge is the aim. Their website includes each team member listing their salon or make-up hero which encourages everyone to keep aiming high! Be sure to check out their Bridal page online!

Not to be forgotten is the salon mascot, Grace Kelly! A small Chihuahua who is very friendly and loves to have her nails painted (obviously)!

Hair and make-up at the salon or at your location

It also became obvious that while some brides loved coming to the Salon on their big day, it wasn’t feasible for others. So Salon J started to work off site as well. That turned out to be the right decision as brides and their parties booked Salon J even more with this service! Salon J will move in to your space on your wedding day and provide all the beauty services required… make-up, nail care and hairstyling.

A few of our favourite things…

♥ Awesome positive attitudes mixed with professionalism at all times. We have personally witnessed Jamie J and his team working under the stress of bridal shows (twenty girls and the electricity out) and there were no signs of cracking under pressure!

♥ Awards galore and lots and lots of charity work! Their website has its own page for their charity projects such as cut-a-thons, working with the local Food Bank and Outreach Centre as well as special occasion charities (such as large disasters relief fundraisers).

♥ Informally known as ‘The Greening of Salon J’, the staff has worked hard to implement many changes to its operations in order to decrease the pollution and waste caused by their industry and by businesses in general.

Buy what you love…

Salon J finds that many of their clients love the products used in the salon so much that they have to have them. That’s why Salon j offers a line of products for purchase.

Salon J offers hair products from Bumble and Bumble, Paul Mitchell and Fred Haircare. Make-up and nail polish lines include Eminence Organic Skincare, Jane Iredale Skin Care Makeup, Gelish Gel Polish and OPI Nail Polish.

Loving the price as much as the service

Jamie J attributes, in part, reasonable pricing to the success of his salon. He admits that they have worked hard to keep “small town prices” while still providing a high level of service for clients. To give you an idea, hair styling runs between $45 to $70 while make-up application starts at $45 – all budget-friendly prices for just about any wedding. Their entire price list is online where you can also book your appointment 24/7.

Contacting Salon J Hair Studio

Salon J is located at 101-2506 Beacon Avenue in Sidney. They can be reached by email at info@salonj.ca or phone at 250-656-9111. For more details, inspiration and even video tutorials online (Love it!), be sure to visit Salon J’s website www.salonj.ca.

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