Romantic, natural beauty | Cara & Jason

What do you get when you have a dreamy piece of property and amazing friends and family? An unbelievably dreamy and romantic wedding!! Cara and Jason were able to bring their wedding dreams to life with loads of beautiful DIY and many helping hands from family and friends. With a romantic and natural colour palette, they had a wedding day that theirs guests will be talking about for years to come…

Bride & Groom: Jason Underhill & Cara Moyer

Wedding Date: July 21, 2018

Ceremony & Reception Location: Private Residence West of London Ontario

“Life-long family friends offered their property. This place has sentimental value because I used to cut the grass there as a summer job when I was a teenager. It’s a big property and it would take me hours to cut. There is a creek running through it and I would occasionally spot deer up on the hill. I did a lot of daydreaming about the future, even about my wedding day.” – C

Colour Palette: Mauve and earth tones with a variety of greens and white.

Theme: “Natural beauty, simple elegance, romance. We didn’t try to over decorate, and rather let the environment speak for itself. Anything we added was to compliment what was already there (e.g. draped fabric in the trees, placed flower planters on tree stumps etc.)” – C

Flowers: Springhill Flowers ( “Eucalyptus greenery with mauve and white flowers (roses, ranunculus, lisianthus, scabiosa)” – C

Décor: “I shared my pinterest board with family and a couple close girlfriends. We bought all the vases and tulle from garage sales. Everyone took on a part that appealed to them. That developed very organically based on individual strengths and interest, but pulling it off took countless hours and hard work. I can’t thank them enough!” – C

Fav décor element: “The giant wreath that was a backdrop for our ceremony and served as a “photo booth” for guests after the ceremony. A big thanks to our brother-in-law for engineering and building it!” – C

DIY: “The whole wedding was the DIY project of a lifetime! We had no wedding planner! Our brother-in-law built a cedar bench and 7 foot wreath frame as the backdrop too our ceremony. My mother-in-law sourced wood scraps to build the bar. My father-in-law made dream catchers for hanging in the trees. Jason’s grandma took us to select the colours for her annual flower planters, which were used at the wedding, then went home to her house for the rest of the summer. My sister and childhood friend draped tulle in the trees when I was preoccupied. They told me they had a special surprise and it took my breath away. There was a soft breeze the day of the wedding and I’m so glad the fabric was there to capture energy and movement around us. The homeowners and dear family friends added greenery snipped from their trees around the trim of the tent. They also put in endless hours of landscaping and thought of everything, including laying wood chips at the ceremony site so it wasn’t sandy. They had even salvaged a piece of driftwood that sits 5 feet tall, from a flood after the winter snow melted. This became an art installation with hanging lights on our wedding day. My mom grew hanging flowers baskets to hang in the trees and helped with so many details along the way. My friend Danielle supplied us with a Maypole and made tea lights hanging in tulle to light walkways.” – C

Invitations/stationery: Minted

Cake: “No official wedding cake. Dessert platters were served at the tables by Sticky Pudding Catering Co. ( Gelato was served once the dance started. The caterer emptied out one of the fishbowl vases and served me a HUGE bowl of gelato on the dance floor! (We were engaged in Italy during a heatwave and survived on gelato, so this was fitting).” – C

Wedding favours: “We didn’t have favours, instead we made a donation to the Mental Health Outreach Programming provided by Thames Valley Family Services.” – C&J

Groomsmen and Groom’s attire: Moore’s Clothing for Men (

Bride’s dress and accessories: Dress and earrings from Sophie’s Bridal (, Hair piece made by Springhill Flowers (

DJ: Music Central Entertainment (

Ceremony Music: Amanda Quick & Maddie Speller

Hair & make-up: Kerry Riordan

Catering: Sticky Pudding Catering Co. (

Photographer: HRM Photography ( “Heather did a wonderful job on our friend’s wedding photos and comes very highly recommended. HRM photographers are certainly professional and know what they’re doing. They were only there for 4 hours but we still ended up with so many stunning photos! The venue was picture perfect, and I think they seized every opportunity there was!” – C

Biggest challenge: “The weather was our biggest challenge and we tackled it with sheer optimism. There was a big storm the night before that actually brought a tree down on the road. The day of, it rained lightly up until a couple hours before the ceremony. We were beyond lucky that it stopped with enough time to dry off the guests chairs. (I think we had some help from some loved ones watching over us).” – C

Fav wedding memory: “There are so many favourite memories! When the sun came out just as I stepped out of the house to begin my procession. Also, when my best friend (who was leading our ceremony) had to fill time with a quote because the ring warming ceremony was taking longer than anticipated! Being introduced as Mr & Mrs. then entering the tent to all our dearest family and friends clapping and cheering. It was an incredible and overwhelming moment unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. Dancing with my dad while we both belted out the lyrics to Fleetwood Mac (something we used to do when we drove around in the car when I was a little kid). All the speeches, but especially Jason’s speech. It was honest and funny, just like him. My favourite line was “your love is relentless and it leaves me breathless”. Our last dance of the night. It was a 7:00 min song and we danced hard the whole time! Our friends and family were in a circle around us and all joined in! Lastly, we had lit a candle for our departed family and friends just before the ceremony. We found it, still burning the next morning after the wedding, even though it rained that night.” – C

Advice from one couple to another: “Get a good night’s sleep the night before your wedding! Make your decisions based on what is important to you as a couple before mentioning ideas to anyone else. Don’t feel pressure to do all the “wedding things.” We didn’t cut the cake, have a bridal party or give out wedding favours. Even older generations understand that weddings are so personalized now and that they’re reflections of the couple and what’s most important to you.” – C

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