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Delilah of Summer Rayne Photo is a creative, outside-of-the-box photographer, who can cover your wedding from every angle while providing those intimate shots that will be valued for the rest of your lives. Delilah’s clients love her, and we love her, and here’s why….

Creative, experience, educated & down to earth

Outgoing, artsy and down to earth is how Delilah Summer Rayne describes herself and we imagine those same qualities are what helped her realize that her own name made for a creative business name – Summer Rayne Photo! This professional photographer says she’ll never tire of the art of wedding photography. “I really love making people happy. Seeing the reactions of the clients when they get their images makes my day, my year. And having a job that allows me to be creative is pretty nice too.”

Delilah has been around photography most of her life and says she has always known that her career would be something in a creative field. “There was no specific moment for me but I started doing photo shoots with my friends when we were in high school and it became a way for us to bond and have fun. I loved getting the reactions from them and each time I would see how excited they were, I would get excited too and get a huge confidence boost. Even though I’ve switched over to more wedding and portrait work, it’s still that same giddy feeling I get when I see my clients reactions and how happy my services can make them and their families.”

Delilah studied professional photography for three years at Dawson College in Montreal and she started weddings as soon as she graduated. She started her own business in the summer 2014 and has enjoyed her own clients as well as second shooting for other photographers.

Couples who choose Summer Rayne Photo

Delilah describes her style as ‘creative, fun, outgoing, emotional and candid’ and as a result, finds that most of the couples who hire her are relaxed and down to earth. Their weddings are pretty simple and incorporate a lot of DIY and backyard style. “They feel that the photography is a really important part of the day but aren’t too high maintenance so they put a lot of trust in me to be creative and do whatever I feel is best.”

Summer Rayne Photo | summerraynephoto.com
Summer Rayne Photo | summerraynephoto.com

Delilah also feels engagements sessions are helpful to the wedding day. “I love engagement sessions cause they let us get to know each other a little bit more and establish a good personal connection, also gives them practice in front of the camera before the big day! After the delivery of engagement photos and possibly products there isn’t much contact until about a month before the wedding.”

Delilah does have a few things she loves to shoot – the first look between couples because ‘it allows the couple a few moments together for romantic photos before the guests and partying begin and I enjoy the father-daughter first look too!” Weddings hashtags are also something she really encourages so that guests can search for the images after the wedding day. “It’s a win/win as my work is seen more and everyone can find the photos…it’s a pretty fun new trend.” Boudoir photography is one of Delilah’s more popular packages as she works with a classic vintage vibe with muted colors and moody lighting that make every woman gorgeous.

Establishing a connection is everything

One reason couples choose Summer Rayne Photo is surely because she is so personable. “When I make the initial response to an email/phone call I make sure to take a keen interest in their planning process even outside of photography. I like asking what their theme/colours are, what they are most excited about for their big day, information about their fiancé and how they met, etc. One bride told me that other photographers she had contacted spelled her name wrong and were very impersonal. I like to make a genuine connection with people and make lasting relationships. Your photographer is there with you the whole day so brides really want someone who they are going to click with and who can make them feel comfortable.”

Chelsea, who was married in 2015, says that she really enjoyed the realistic (not overly processed), look of her photos. “After our first meeting my then fiance and I were both excited to hire Delilah. She was bubbly and easy going, which suited our laid back wedding style. Her product stood out for me because it was the photo-journalistic approach that I prefer. Her use of light, and the perfect mix of posed images with all of the beautiful spontaneous moments captured as well made her style stand out. The detail shots, as well as creative images that weren’t run of the mill wedding photography sold me on her instantly. Her wonderful personality was an added bonus!”

Kelsey, who was one of Delilah’s brides in 2015, found that Delilah was very easy going. “We are so incredibly pleased with our experience with her and with the finished products! Having seen some of her previous work we were really excited about her style. Specifically we were looking for photos were of excellent quality, and that appeared mostly natural and a little bit artistic without being overly staged or too showy. Delilah’s style fit us perfectly! When looking at her photo gallery, it was clear that she didn’t just have a fancy camera but that she had an eye for taking artfully unique and beautiful photos. Her photos had personally and a little something extra. Upon meeting her I enjoyed her confidence and imagined she would be able to offer the direction necessary on our wedding day to get the photos we were looking for.”

Summer Rayne Photo | summerraynephoto.com
Summer Rayne Photo | summerraynephoto.com

The process…

Delilah has specific things she likes to have happen during the first consultation. “I get them to tell me things about themselves like how they met, what they do, and then ask them about their wedding! I love hearing them get excited about what they are looking forward to and I like to see what they feel is most important about their wedding. We go over my packages to see which one suits their needs best and then go over a contract. If they aren’t ready to book that day I just give them a copy and they read it over at home and get back to me later. Once they’ve officially booked by signing a contract and delivering a deposit, then we plan an engagement session for usually a few months down the road (depends what kind of theme/vibe they are going for). Sometimes brides give me lists of important people, a few certain shots they hope to get and Pinterest boards of inspiration around this time. We clarify exactly when I’ll be needed to start, what the schedule of the day is going to be and if they need me there for the rehearsal. I send out another confirmation email about a week before the wedding just to put their mind at ease. I try to help ease the stress of a wedding day.”

Delilah, her assistant and/or second shooter show up a little bit early to introduce themselves to the guests and bridal party. The second shooter goes off to the groom and groomsmen to photograph them getting ready while I photograph the bride and her girls! Every wedding is different but Delilah and her crew make sure to make everyone feel comfortable and keep them having fun while taking the photos.

The wedding day…

How many people come along on the wedding day depend on the package chose. It could be Delilah and a second shooter or Delilah and her assistant. “I always have a second person with me because I have a lot of heavy gear to carry around and its makes my life a lot easier to have someone carry it and set up lights while I shoot, etc. If the bride and groom have selected a package with a second shooter then they will double as my trusty assistant.”

Delilah hires second shooters who are professional wedding photographers that have their own businesses and happen to be available that day so they already have tons of wedding experience which makes it a breeze. As for an assistant, I’ve actually trained one of my best friends so she helps me with my gear, setting up/holding lights, posing and gathering people (no photography though). She’s a fast learner and a social butterfly so having her around makes everything go really smooth and easy!

Chelsea was very impressed with Delilah’s staying power! “At the wedding she gave directions when needed, but also disappeared into the crowd when necessary. She put everyone at ease. She captured all of the important events, and so many moments I wasn’t even able to notice as I was overwhelmed by the day. Delilah was able to improvise through the rain, and changes throughout the day. She stayed longer than she had to so she could capture all of the festivities, including the very late bouquet toss and home made pinatas which I really appreciated. It was a long day for her! She went above and beyond the entire day, and it was apparent that she was enjoying herself as well, not just doing a job.”

Brianne also noticed how easy it was to have Delilah work around her friends and family. “Delilah was flexible with our timing, the addition or subtraction of various extras and travelling further than normal. She communicated well with us via email since we were long distance. On the day of the wedding she showed up early to get to know the area. She was, in the words of my now husband, ‘a breeze to work with!’ She gave us clear instructions to make the shots work well (and the photos attest to this), and was quick and efficient. She was so unobtrusive I almost forgot she was present for a lot of the wedding (until I was amazed by all the shots she got during the afternoon and evening. All of our guests commented on how nice she was and how easily she managed to get shots without interrupting or being in the way.”

What comes after…

Delilah starts the photo sorting and editing process within the next few days to give the couple and their guests a little sneak peek, usually on Facebook/Instagram. It’s generally just one picture but it gives a little teaser to get the couple and guests really excited about their wedding photos. Then about another week later she puts up highlights of the day (about 10). Full delivery time is 6-8 weeks during peak season (much less for off season weddings).

One unusual fact about Delilah is that, unlike most photographers, she loves the editing process! “Editing is my favourite part of the photographic process. I did a lot of painting in my teenage years and think that is why I like editing so much. It’s basically painting on a photograph. It also allows me to put my signature touch on my images in order to make each one unique for my clients.”

Chelsea appreciated the teasers she received, explaining “[Delilah] was in touch with us in the days and weeks after the wedding, sending us sneak peaks, and an early edited photo that I asked for to give as a gift to a family member. She was so accommodating, friendly and professional”

Similarly, Kelsey loved how accessible the photos were afterwards. “We truly appreciated the quantity of photos, the quality of the photos and the online access to all the high res photos for our own use. She obviously knows what today’s young couple appreciates. And her prices are extremely competitive. Couldn’t say anything better, honestly.”

Details, details, details…

Deposit required to book: 50% of total package cost
Months to book ahead: 8-14 months
Photography packages & pricing: Packages range from $2200 (for 8 hours of continuous shootings, approx 450 high resolution images, a shareable online gallery and a one hour e-sesshion) to $3750 (for 10 hours of continuous shooting, second shooter/assistant, approx. 750 high resolution images, shareable online gallery, 1 hour engagement session, guaranteed next-day shareable sneak peek and next-week highlight reel, customized 4GB USB drive, printed photo canvas, printed guestbook, printed photo album – the best value if your are looking for additional products!).

Additional products can range from additional coverage ($275/hour) to customized 4GB USB drive* ($75) to layflat guestbook ($300) and flush mount photo album ($400). Talk to Delilah about what you’re envisioning so that she can help you choose the package you’ll love best.

* = Upgrades available ** = Must purchase additional images

Contacting Delilah…..

Summer Rayne Photo is available online for more information and to chat at her website www.summerraynephoto.com. If you’d like to set-up an appointment to meet with Delilah in person and view her portfolio, contact her by email at d.summer.rayne@gmail.com or by phone at (250) 516-3571