{Reality Wedding Story} A movie theme wedding brought to life | Adam & Eve

Adam and Eve both love watching movies, and even have a theatre in their home, so they decided on a film theme with a little garden of eden mixed in!!…

Bride & Groom: Adam Orton & Eve Goldin

Ceremony Location: Chapel of Hope, London, Ontario

Reception Location: Our home in London, Ontario

“My husband had sustained a horrific motorcycle accident in July of 2007 and was not expected to survive, he will tell you he died three times before being placed into a medical coma for many weeks, and had sustained a traumatic brain injury. He tires easily on stressful days and I expected the excitement of this loving event would cause at least 3 days of rest after the reception. The wedding and photo shoot after the wedding would tire him, I wanted him to be able to lie down on his own bed anytime if needed, we have a large one floor home.” – E

Theme: “The front of our wedding invitation was a still image of two silent film stars getting married in a film (Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks). I was the Library Manager for the Toronto International Film Festival, Film Reference Library, for 23 years. I made our aisle ribbon displays out of 35 mm film, I also asked permission to have a short film shoot at our local film theatre (Cineplex Odeon Westmount & VIP Cinemas, London ON) after we shot some photos at the Church. In our home theatre I picked 2 films, Adam picked 1 to play during the reception, so our guests could slip away at any time and enjoy (Moonstruck, Love Actually and the late feature was Pacific Rim, for our diehard action friends, hehe). There was a concession table set up outside the theatre with popcorn and candy treats. Star Wars plays a big part in our personal nerdy film history, so the wedding cake was a multi-tiered cupcake and cake to look like the robot R2D2 and topped with Han Solo and Chewbacca (in a fondant wedding dress). There were 4 flavours of cupcakes and each flavor had their own Star Wars character toothpicked in it so you could tell one from the other.” – E

“I also had to have a little of the Adam & Eve Garden of Eden theme underlying in the day, so for our giveaways I had large bowls of rubber snakes and apples for our guests.”- E

Colour Palette: Cream, Black, Pink, Purple

Flowers: Forest of Flowers (forestofflowers.com). Purple Hydrangeas for the bouquet, Cream roses with Baby’s Breath for wrist corsages, family corsages and boutonnieres. 

Décor: “I did not hire anyone, and did any decorations myself. For the pew bows in the church I used old 35mm film to make bows with cream ribbon.” – E

Fav décor element: “That would have been our Star Wars Cupcake cake with the special topper.” – E

Invitations/stationery: eprintfast.com (eprintfast.com) “I designed them myself” – E

Cake: Triple tiered cupcakes, with a cake on top, modeled after R2D2.

Wedding favours: Real apples and rubber snakes (Adam & Eve Garden Of Eden Theme)

Groomsmen and Groom’s attire: Rented tuxados for groom and best man.

Bridesmaids attire and accessories: Black dress for bridesmaid, pink for matron of honor, and fascinators for both.

Bride’s dress and accessories: Purchased from consignment store in Toronto Beach area (Never worn, a dress made for a film, but never used), Ivory Champagne Mini Top Hat created by Chiki Bird Hat Studio (etsy.com/ca/shop/ChikiBird)

DJ: “Adam made a mixed USB to play on our stereo of all of our favourite songs.” – E

Officiant: “The Justice Of The Peace who married us was my Sister-In-Law, Justice Jane Hawtin. It made the day so special to have her bless us. And my adult nephews sang and played the ukulele to the Hawaiian version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, as I walked up the aisle. So wonderful.” – E

Catering: BBQ Feast Catering (bbqfeast.com), Lakeside Ontario “My husband-to-be only had one request: that there be pulled pork. BBQ Feast Catering delivered the whole set up, dishes, cutlery, tables, meat, sides, napkins and took it all away. No fuss, no muss.” – E

Photographer: Sandra Dufton Photography (sandraduftonphotography.ca) “She came highly recommended by my husband and two other London friends. I loved the look of her work online and her personally after I set up a meeting. She was very easy to work with! Sandra and her assistant were open to all suggestions and were at the ready with suggestions for me, which was so helpful as I am not from London.” – E

Fav photo’s: “I love the photos that were taken of Adam and I around our car and the ones taken in the movie theatre.” – E

Biggest Challenge: “The biggest challenge was that I lived in Toronto at the time and had to do all my calling and reserving from afar. I am a planner by nature, having been a manager for so long so it was nice that my husband let me set it up with few requests.” – E

Fav wedding memory: “For me it was entering the little church, hearing my nephews singing and seeing my darling looking at me with a big smile. Everybody thought he would have a few tears, but no, it was me.” – E

Advice from one bride to another: “To sit down together and really listen to each other in what you both want and need for the day to be as happy and stress-free as possible. I let the reins go on the morning of the wedding, and knew it was just one big party to enjoy with all our family and friends.” – E

 “As an older bride I originally was going to wear a chic cream two piece skirt suit, but having listened to my husband, a bachelor his whole life, I found to my surprise he wanted a bride complete with long dress, train and bouquet. He in turn wore a tux, very handsome!” – E

 Contacting Sandra Dufton Photography

To learn more about Sandra Dufton Photography, contact Sandra Dufton directly by email using the form below. 🙂 You can also visit Sandra Dufton Photography online at www.sandraduftonphotography.ca.

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