{reality wedding story} A Historic Love Story at Grosvenor Lodge | Susannah and Joel

“We loved our wedding at Grosvenor Lodge. Such a special historic home in London.”

BRIDE & GROOM: Susannah Gergich and Joel Melton
PHOTOGRAPHY: HRM Photography (hrmphotography.com)
WEDDING DATE: June 21, 2008
CEREMONY & RECEPTION LOCATION: Grosvenor Lodge (grosvenorlodge.ca)
WEDDING PARTY ATTIRE: We didn’t want things to be overly matchy and wanted attire that could be worn again. We asked my three sisters to choose a black dress – any dress of their choice and the guys a simple grey suit. We purchased patent purple shoes for the ladies and fun purple ties for the guys.
BRIDES ATTIRE: I kept it simple and nothing fancy. Simple white dress with a deep purple sash. We decided to spend more on the photographer!

CAKE/CATERING: Steel Grill Catering (steelgrill.com) Because all good house parties are not very formal we decided on hors d’oeuvres for supper from Steel Grill Catering. We still wanted people to feel full but give them lots of finger food options. We are both not very traditional and didn’t want to “cut the cake” but we still have a sweet tooth and wanted to have something delicious to end the day. For dessert we had a combination of my mother-in-laws delicious treats. And to honour my Hungarian background we had someone make a traditional dobos torte cake and Hungarian pastries.

WEDDING FAVOURS: We decided to give a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society (cancer.ca/weddingcelebrationprogram) in honour of my uncle. He passed away earlier in the year and his passing inspired us to get married. There would never be the right time or we would never have saved enough money. His memory made us realize how life is short and it is important to be happy.

COLOUR PALETTE: Splashes of purple

THEME: We wanted a relaxed kind of day, kind of like a house party but in a big old historical home with lots of charm. That is why we choose Grosvenor Lodge. The big wrap around porch, historic charm and ancient trees that are part of Grosvenor Lodge.

FLOWERS: Secret Garden Florist. We wanted to have simple and fresh looking flowers to celebrate the first day of summer so used lots of deep purple Iris’ and lime green Chrysanthemums

DECOR: Our decor was very simple – lots of fresh flowers and candles. We wanted it to feel like a special day in a real warm home.

FAVOURITE DECOR ELEMENT: Grosvenor Lodge has a beautiful wrap around porch. Instead of walking down the aisle I walked around the porch. When it started to rain we were covered by the porch. And as it grew dark we had drinks by candlelight on the porch.

DIY: Nothing too elaborate just simple white candles. We also purchased 2 black urns and filled them white rose plants with a rose bush given to each of our parents. The urns sit on our porch today and the roses still bloom in my parent’s garden.

BIGGEST WEDDING CHALLENGE: Budget. We had just gone back to school and didn’t want to spend all of our savings on a wedding. At the same time we wanted something special that reflected us. So balancing the budget was the biggest challenge.

BEST WEDDING MEMORIES: I would say the first was the sound of thunder just as we were announced as being married. And having the people we love the most all under one roof.

Second, we also love all things old. And wanted to have our photos taken in front of the old antiquities building on Wellington Street. It has since been renovated but it is one of the oldest wood structures in London. At the time it was painted a bright red and a real antique store. Out front there were these 2 painted grey wood chairs. We sat in those chairs to have our photos taken. Weeks after our wedding we went back to the store and bought those 2 chairs. Those 2 chairs are part of our home decor and part of our every day lives.

Any advice for couples planning their wedding?

Do what makes you happy. If you want to have a big elaborate expensive day, simple wedding on a farm or eloping. It is your day and special to you and your partner so do what makes you happy.

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