{reality wedding story} White-Washed Antiques & Baby’s-breath at Dundee Country Club

Samantha Bender and Josh Breitkopf wanted an antique, romantic garden theme, without being rustic (think lace, but absolutely no burlap!). So with a peach, white and gold colour palette and a Spring wedding date, the couple designed their day. “We used a lot of white-washed antiques (bird cage, old mirror), a ton of candles, and Baby’s-breath in the centrepieces.”

WEDDING DATE: June 4th, 2016

CEREMONY: Zion United Church in New Hamburg, ON. “We chose this location as its my childhood church, and also the same church my parents where married almost 30 years to the day. I always wanted to get married there, so this was by far the easiest wedding decision we made.”

RECEPTION: Dundee Country Club (golfdundee.ca) “We fell in love with the old stone fireplace and wooden beams. It also helped that the staff was very easy to work with and willing to help every step along the way. The hospitality manager, Rebecca, even cut our cake for us. Also, the food was fantastic, our guests were talking about it all night.”

DÉCOR: Decorating Dreams (decoratingdreams.ca) did the back drop, chair covers and head table.

“Decorating Dreams used a lot of lace and sheer peach fabric to match the theme and colour palette perfectly. It actually took my breath away the first time I saw it.”

FAVOURITE DÉCOR ELEMENT: “I love how the center pieces came together! We had white lanterns, with the table numbers painted on them, 3 tealight candles, and 3 tiny vases with a bundle of babies breath on each table. They were so simple and elegant, but made a huge impact.”

DIY PROJECTS: “We did quite a few DYI pieces, but kept them very simple and stress free. One of the biggest tasks was the seating chart, we took an old mirror and repainted it using white chalk paint to give it an antique look and then added some fake flowers to the corners to dress it up a bit. The hardest part was printing each table and guests name on separate cards and taping them evenly to the mirrored surface. We then added a few pearl embellishments to the table cards. It was well worth all the work and turned out perfectly!”

STATIONERY: “We had Scribes Nook Inc. (scribesnookinc.ca) print and prepare our invitations, and then we did the assembling ourselves. The ladies at Scribes Nook are so easy to work with and make the process fool proof. It was also so much fun getting together with my bridesmaids, mother and mother-in-law to create the finished product. They turned out beautifully!”

CAKE: “We used The Cake Box (cakebox.ca) and found they had very reasonable prices considering it is such a big company. We liked how reliable they are and how amazing their cakes always turned out. They also have a lot of flavours to choose from.”

WEDDING FAVOURS: “We did these ourselves and everyone loved them! We made pine cone fire starters using pine cones that we found, some wick, and melted wax. The best part is that they actually work, so we can use the leftovers!”

BRIDE’S DRESS & ACCESSORIES: Taylor’s Bridal Boutique (taylorsbridal.com) “Linda Taylor will do absolutely anything for her brides and wont rest until your dress is perfect!”

BRIDESMAIDS’ ATTIRE: Valentina Bridal (valentinabridal.ca) The girls here are so amazing, kind and welcoming. They greet you by name when you walk in, no matter how many brides are there! Everything went smoothly and very stress free. They had no problem exchanging some of the guys shoes when they didn’t fit perfectly, and even steamed the girls dresses right before the wedding so they would look perfect.

DJ: Flash Point Productions (flashpointpro.com) has gotten me out of a bind with other DJ’s twice now. They will forever be my first call whenever I need a DJ in the future.

HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Once Upon a Tina “She is absolutely awesome! Her and her assistant come right to your house for both hair and make-up. It was such a relaxing morning, we sat around, chatting, drinking coffee and getting ready. I wouldn’t recommend any other way, and I definitely highly recommend Tina!”

CATERING: Dundee Country Club (golfdundee.ca)

PHOTOGRAPHY: “We came across Jen Linfield Photography (Jen Linfield Photography) through word of mouth. She had done a wedding for a couple we knew and they absolutely loved her. Once looking at her portfolio online, I have to admit, we fell in love with her too.
She knows exactly what it takes to get some awesome photos, which included searching for the perfect spots, and trying countless locations for the perfect lighting. She is also so speedy with her editing, we had almost 400 pictures within 4 days. Her pricing is also very reasonable and include tons of “extras” such as a photo booth, which our guests loved!”

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: “The guest list. Our first draft had over 250 people…we knew we didn’t want a wedding that large we had to make some major cuts. It was tough cutting the list down. We tried to focus on the people who the day wouldn’t be the same without and who we really wanted there. With that, and after taking out some plus ones, we ended up with just a little over 100.”

FAVOURITE MEMORY: “Waiting at the back of the church, about the walk down the aisle. This is when it really sunk in for me and the excitement was almost overwhelming. Everything was absolutely perfect, and I was about to marry my best friend… This memory is of course followed very closely by the walk down the aisle to the man who is now my husband.” – Samantha


“Take your time. Many people asked us ‘why so long?’ when they found out we had a year and a half engagement, but I really just didn’t want to stress about planning. This way we could focus on one thing at a time, and watch everything slowly come together. We truly enjoyed the process and it made the actual day that much better…

“Also, don’t stress about small things and remember to relax. If you are married at the end of the day, then everything went perfectly!”

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