{reality wedding story} Best Laid Plans: A fabulous wedding day “do-over”

Photo: Open Image Photography

From the Spring/Summer 2015 issue of The Wedding Ring VANCOUVER ISLAND Magazine

What do you do when things don’t go exactly as planned on your wedding day? Maria of Sublime Celebrations in Comox Valley, heard of one such story and decided to help the couple “do-over” their most special moments nearly a year later. She explained, “Their day had so many stressful twists and turns that the family missed capturing the special moments. I offered to plan a fun “do over” to provide them with more positive experience.” In fact, many local wedding professionals joined Maria in the pursuit of creating new memories for this fabulous couple. The results were spectacular, as seen in the photos by Open Image Photography. Here are some of Maria’s tips to help your day go from stressful to smooth…

1. Let guests be guests! Supportive friends often offer to help, but when things go wrong, they are not experienced enough to pick up the pieces. It may be unrealistic to expect them to handle all the surprises that a wedding can throw their way.
2. Be sure to have the ‘bad weather back up plan’! You can’t control Mother Nature but you can figure out what to do if she doesn’t cooperate.
3. Plan ahead. Timing is everything so think seriously about hiring a wedding planner who can be sure that your day runs smoothly even if/when there are minor disasters.

For this Comox Valley couple, the wonderful ‘do-over’ was an amazing experience which provided new images to treasure. “We would like to thank everyone for all their hard work in providing, creating and capturing new images and special memories for us. We are overjoyed with how you all did this for us. Thank you!”