{reality wedding} Once Upon a Rose | Mandy & Brian

From the Fall/Winter 2015 issue of The Wedding Ring ONTARIO Magazine

“I remember, surprisingly, how nervous I became right before the ceremony. I was gripping Brian’s hand so hard that he commented to me afterwards that it hurt. But standing with my husband, my nerves quickly subsided.”

BRIDE & GROOM: Mandy & Brian McDonagh
WEDDING DATE: May 24th, 2014
CEREMONY: The Rose Chapel at BEST WESTERN® PLUS Stoneridge Inn (rosechapel.ca) “My Gramma, Rose, passed away in February before the wedding. When we came across Stoneridge Inn, which was the second or third venue we looked at, they had the Rose Chapel on site. We instantly knew we found our venue. And I was thrilled to find out that Stoneridge had saved the original sign of the Rose Chapel, and so we took photos with it.”
RECEPTION: BEST WESTERN® PLUS Stoneridge Inn (stoneridgeinn.com) (review)
COLOURS: Yellow & Red
OFFICIANT: Lori Hawkrigg of Kettle Creek Weddings (kettlecreekweddings.com).
BUDGET: “We are proud to say that we did our entire wedding on less than $15,000!”

WHEN SHE KNEW HE WAS ‘THE ONE’: “It was during a trip to Cuba in April 2013. I got very sick with strep throat – fever, stomach upset, swollen and very sore throat. I had to see the doctor for five out of the seven days of our trip to receive shots of antibiotics and pain meds. I spent two days in our room, with the rest of the trip taking lots of naps and breaks from the sun. Brian cared for me, bringing ice cream, and going to doctor appointments with me. I do not do sick well, cried a lot and called my mom every day. I would tell Brian to go out and meet some people, have dinner, have some fun. But I would hear Brian checking in on me about every half hour. After that, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. He was so caring, and so sweet and so attentive.” Similarly, Brian says, “I knew I would rather help take care of her in our room than sit by the pool, having drinks and partying with strangers.”
3 MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENTS: “…Finding a site where we could have everything in one place (ceremony and reception) because we had a lot of out of town guests and didn’t want them to have to drive around London to find the different locations. It was a bonus that they could stay overnight at the venue too. We also liked that we could offer our guests a meal choice. We also wanted to give our guests open bar since we felt that since they traveled and had extra expenses if they stayed the night that this was important to us. This meant that we couldn’t spend a lot of money on other things like flowers and the décor but we were ok with this…The most important element was honouring my grandmother.”
FLOWERS: Gammage Flowers (gammageflowers.com)
WEDDING CAKE: “We did not have a wedding cake. We had a late night pizza bar, so instead, we had a cake bride and groom put on a pizza, and we cut that!”

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