{Reality Engagement Story} College sweethearts! | Samantha & Mitchell

Sam and Mitch met in North Bay while at teacher’s College and fell in love over an epic camping weekend. Soon Mitch moved away for work but it wasn’t long until Sam joined him. The rest as they say is history!…

Bride & Groom: Samantha Deluce & Mitchell Tomlinson

Engagement story: “It was our three year dating anniversary. We ended up playing in a volleyball tournament all day, so I didn’t think it was going to be a special evening. When we got home from the tournament, I felt like ordering take out, but Mitch insisted we go out for a nice dinner. So I got dressed up and we left the apartment to head to the restaurant. Before we even got in the car, he got down on one knew and proposed on our front walkway. I was definitely surprised!” – S

How did you meet?: “We met in Teacher’s college up in North Bay. I didn’t know a lot of people, but I had met a friend, Tommy in my classes. Tommy is Mitch’s best friend and introduced us when we were out with friends.” – S&M

When did you know he was the one?: “We met through mutual friends while we both attended teacher’s college in North Bay. The first summer we were together, we went camping at the Haliburton forest reserve. It was just the two of us and we did a lot of canoeing, mountain biking and swimming. Each night we stayed up, had a fire and talked for hours. By the end of that camping trip, we both had fallen in love. The sad part was a few weeks later Mitch was leaving to teach in China for a year, and I was leaving to teach in northern Ontario. That “year” only ended up being 6 months apart, because an opening came up at the school in China so I left my job to join him at the school he was working at.” – S

How did you find your photographer?: I found Ashley & Jason of Have Heart Photography (haveheartphotography.ca) online. I loved the style of their photos, they seemed very relaxed and natural. I also loved the idea of having a couple work with us. We were fairly nervous to get our photos taken, but they made it comfortable and even fun! Our favorite part was the beginning when we took pictures in the canoe. We wanted to include our favourite hobby and those pictures have become our favourites.” – S

Any advice for recently engaged couples?: “My only advice is the time flies! We’ve had a long engagement (1.5 years) and it definitely didn’t feel long. This past week we bought a house, so now we’re finishing up wedding planning while planning to move. There’s lots going on! I guess just enjoy the phase of being engaged because it goes by so quickly.” – S&M


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