The pros and cons of DIY wedding décor

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DIY is very common in today’s wedding world – sometimes out of necessity and sometimes because one or both of the couple wants to get creative with the design and details of their day. But DIY’ing your wedding has it’s own pros and cons…

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  • You can save a great deal of money by buying from Facebook buy/sell groups, bridal swap events etc.
  • You can resell your décor after the wedding and make some money back
  • Creating your own décor gives you your own unique look and shows your personality
Joie de Vivre Events & Décor
  • You can get your own flowers shipped in and not have to use just what the florist has
  • Great time to spend with family & friends putting everything together
  • You know exactly what you are getting
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  • Do you have the manpower to set it up? Can you get into your venue the day before to set it up?
  • Tear down at the end of the night. Do you have the manpower to tear it down? Many venues require everything to be taken at the end of the night. Will your bridal party be sober enough?
  • Do you have the time to buy the décor and put it together? If you work full time, that’s a lot of work in the evenings or weekends.
  • It’s not always cheaper. If you are buying items from different people, you should take into account your car wear and tear and gas.
  • Do you have the skill to DIY? Not everyone has the ability to be creative.
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  • The investment. Do you have the cash to invest the money in a DIY backdrop, hoping you can sell it afterwards?
  • Insurance – what if our DIY backdrop falls over and hurts someone? You would be held liable.
  • Quality of your items – Dollarama vs. Renting items
  • Transporting everything – especially when you have backdrops/wood slices/pillars etc.
  • If you do hire someone to set it up for you, you will need to effectively document exactly what needs to be done.
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If you do decide to do your own décor, we highly recommend using a company to set up your items, unless you have access to your venue the day before. There are many wedding coordinators who would do this for you, or décor companies who will do it. 

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