Throwing the ultimate bridal shower – from planning to location

An Expert Tip by Natalie, General Manager, BEST WESTERN PLUS Stoneridge Inn & Conference Centre

Bridal Shower Invite - RSVP Stationary, London ON
Bridal Shower Invite – RSVP Stationary, London ON

A bridal shower is one of several fun, wedding-related celebratory events that allow the couple’s close friends and family members to spend time together.

It’s a chance for everyone to get to know each other before the wedding day while also “showering” the bride-to-be with gifts! What could be better?!

Traditionally, planning the bridal shower is left up to the Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids, but today, really anyone can host the event.


Unless it’s a surprise, you should involve the bride in the planning process. Ask her to create a registry if she hasn’t already. Maybe she has a particular shower theme in mind, like a lingerie shower, a kitchen item shower or an around-the-clock shower where guests are assigned a time of day for selecting a gift.

Choosing a location

A bridal shower can take place anywhere. Traditionally it is often hosted at the host’s home, but any place works: a favorite restaurant, park, banquet hall, etc. It all depends on the size of the guest list.

Best Western Plus Stoneridge Inn (read review – prices, capacity, decor, details, menus and more – in The Ring!) offers many options when it comes to hosting your shower, and includes the following:
• Beautifully appointed rooms that require very little décor which saves on cost
• Custom menus to meet just about any budget
• Décor packages for those who want to let the experts take care of these details
• Convenient location with lots of free parking

Best Western Stoneridge Inn, seen below, has large and more intimate spaces which are ideal for accommodating a fabulous bridal or Jack&Jill shower!


A bridal shower can be held anywhere from six months to the week before a wedding. If many guests are traveling from out of town, it may make sense to have it closer to the wedding so they can attend. Otherwise, four to eight weeks before the wedding often works best. It adds just enough anticipation, without creating more stress for the bride (stress-free is key!).

Any time of day is acceptable for a bridal shower. Many bridal showers are held during the afternoon or early evening as a luncheon or dinner party.

Brunch bridal showers are growing in popularity too!

Who to Invite

You want to be absolutely sure that you’re not inviting anyone to the shower who isn’t invited to the wedding, and the only way to know that is to get the guest list. Ask the bride for a copy. If the shower is a surprise, ask the bride’s mother or fiancé.

Remember to invite close female relatives of both the bride and groom, as well as all the women in the wedding party and the bride’s close friends.

While bridal shower guests are traditionally all women, today many are co-ed affairs that celebrate both the bride and groom, known as “Jack and Jill” showers!

What to expect

Most of the bridal shower will be spent eating, laughing, telling stories and opening presents. Food can be as simple as light bites, or as elaborate as a themed spread that celebrates the couple, with a luxe cake to match.

Assign someone to write down what each gift is (usually written inside the card) and who it is from, as the bride opens them. This will make thank you note writing much, much easier!

Fun bridal shower games are a great way to keep the party moving if they’re conducive to the event space.

Game Ideas

  • Bow bouquet the bride can use for her rehearsal
  • Toilet paper dress and veil
  • Play Bridal BINGO
  • Purse Scavenger Hunt – have guests go through their purses to find a list of common items like lipstick and compact to not so common like dog treats or lint
  • Here Comes the Bride – guess how the groom answered a list of questions about the bride or their relationship
  • Wedding A-Z – have guests write wedding related words next to each letter of the alphabet
  • Pass the Love Story – pass around a piece of paper and have the guests exaggerate the “story” of how the couple met and fell in love
  • Bridal Pictionary – use common phrases like “going to the chapel”, “bouquet toss”, “first dance” and have guests draw them out on flip chart paper.

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