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Paul Mara Jewellers

Paul Mara Jewellers sets the bar for personalized service, matching every couple’s engagement and wedding rings to their style, love story and budget

Your wedding proposal, the stunning beautiful engagement ring that was slipped onto your finger, and the two sentimental wedding bands that followed, are all symbols of milestones in the lifetime of your relationship. Family owned jewellery boutique, Paul Mara Jewellers, are experts in the field of honouring those milestones by matching each couple’s personal style and story to their perfect rings, settings and precious stones.

Since 1987, Paul Mara Jewellers have built a reputation for providing one of the best possible jewellery shopping experiences in Victoria, BC.

Lead by Marsha Mara, the team at Paul Mara Jewellers focuses on their clients as much as they do on their products. With a selection that includes everything from vintage to classic to modern, and high-end designers such as Maevona, Naledi, Simon G and Sholdt, Marsha says it’s all about truly listening to and supporting couples as they search for the perfect ring. “We work hard to help you select the ring that is the perfect match for your budget and style, always making sure that your experience is happy, exciting and anxiety free!”

Whether you fall in love with something you see in the boutique or, instead, want a custom ring created especially for you, it’s easy to see why this company has managed to not only maintain their popularity but set new benchmarks in the art of catering to clients.

Here’s what you need to know about ring shopping at Paul Mara Jewellers…

50+ years makes the difference

When it comes to choosing your rings, Marsha and her team offer over fifty years of combined experience in the jewellery industry. Paul Mara Jewellers is also a proud member of the Canadian Jewellers Association, and, they belong to the Canadian Diamond Code of Ethics. Says Marsha, “Our team has a broad experience base, many have taken courses and graduated from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and have experience in jewellery manufacturing, custom design and retail.”

For Marsha, the Paul Mara teams’ years of experience combined with exceptional in-depth knowledge of their jewellery plays a critical role when they are sourcing and selecting stones, finished jewellery or even designing custom rings. Adds Marsha, “Paul Mara Jewellers is an extension of our family’s commitment to quality. We want you to feel comfortable and confident about your purchase. It’s our name on the sign above our door and it’s my reputation”.

Aside from their experience and expertise, Marsha says it comes down to really listening to clients and giving them exactly what they want when it comes to their wedding jewellery, “What we do best is listen! We understand how important this moment is for our clients; finding the rings that not only suit their lifestyle, but will make their heart smile every time they look at them is our goal.”

Handpicked just for you

As a local, family run business, you won’t find products in the boutique that have been mass shipped from a huge head office. Rather, Marsha says it’s imperative that her team is able to see, feel and hand-select every piece of jewellery they offer. Many of their award-winning designer lines are exclusive to Victoria and the Paul Mara family does all of their own buying. This not only ensures a vast and varied selection at affordable prices, but, it means every piece has been hand chosen for the boutique (LOVE it!).

And, if you don’t find exactly what you want in store, Paul Mara Jewellers can customize many of their rings to suit your vision and budget. Says Marsha, “You want the karat of gold changed? You want a different stone? You want it with a certain budget? No problem!”

Committed to exceptional service…

For the Paul Mara team, their business is about offering only the highest levels of quality, customer service, design and value for their clients. Marsha told The Ring what keeps her inspired after so many years, “Your rings are an ultimate symbol of your romance, commitment and true love. It’s our honour to play a part in this journey that couples take together. We love building lasting relationships with our clients and seeing their lives unfold. We also enjoy being there for other milestones along the way such as anniversaries, birthdays and the birth of their children.”

For brides, grooms as well as their local community, the Paul Mara team says they aim to provide a level of service that sets the bar for being exceptional. Marsha explains, “Whether it’s our commitment to our customers by offering personalized service or our commitment to the community we share through our support of many local charities or fund-raisers, we strive to ensure that every customer who shops at our store feels that not only have we met their needs, but exceeded their expectations.”

Staying on top of new designs

Paul Mara Jewellers is delighted to offer a brand new line of wedding bands from Madani rings.

Madani offers high quality, hand-made bands made in Canada, using new age methods and technology to create a wide selection of rings ranging from Tungsten, Cobalt, Ceramic and Gold.

Many styles can be customized to suit your style and budget and some can even be personalized just for you! So far, the Madani line has been a huge hit at the boutique…

“Our clients are appreciative of the attention to detail in the design. ”

In other words…

I chose Paul Mara Jewellers because other family members had gone there and recommended it. After looking around, I felt that their pieces were some of the best quality I could find in Victoria and I really liked the style of a lot of their rings. I had a very specific idea of what I wanted my ring to look like, and the staff worked with me until we found exactly that. ~ Erin and Jaimie Campbell

We were walking around downtown and dropped in. We loved the staff. Helpful and earnest. We never doubted their sincerity. We purchased the groom’s ring which we loved. No specific experience . Just a good one! ~ Wendy Hammond

“We just wanted to say thank you for all your help with our wedding jewellery needs! Thomas loves his wedding band and has received a lot of compliments on it.  My wedding band and engagement ring together just sparkle.  We had an amazing wedding day, it was perfect.” ~ Janice & Thomas

Contacting Paul Mara Jewellers

Paul Mara Jewellers is located in downtown Victoria at 657 Fort Street, at the corner of Fort and Broad Street. They can be reached by email at info@paulmarajewellers.com or by phone at 1-250-475-1444. You can also visit Paul Mara Jewellers online atwww.paulmarajewellers.com.

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