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After hundreds of weddings, Don Perron’s love for ceremonies never fails to inspire

Request more pricing, details and info from this vendor!We know that it takes an extraordinary person to perform hundreds of weddings without losing inspiration or passion for the job over time. But Don Perron of Pastoral Services of Guelph, has never lost his love for weddings. In fact, the team at The Ring has known Don Perron for 12 years now, and he’s still one of our favourite wedding vendors to work with.

Don has performed ceremonies at just about every venue and outdoor space in Southwestern Ontario, particularly in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge & Guelph areas. From The Medieval Times Dinner & Theatre to reality weddings on the Slice Network, there’s very little that Don hasn’t been a part of when it comes to wedding ceremonies.

Don Perron in person

While Don is native to Guelph, we first met with him at Waterloo City Hall, where he worked at the time. Don greeted us with a big smile, handshake, and took us around the corner to a nearby café. As we walked, he seemed to know everyone that we passed by name. We sat down over coffee to talk, Don never losing a drop of energy throughout our nearly two hour interview. With his enthusiasm for wedding ceremonies and great ideas on how to incorporate children and personality into his ceremonies, we walked away feeling like we had made a new friend and felt very inspired. He says what he means and wears his heart in his sleeve.

Choosing an officiant is personal

Don Perron is an Ordained Minister, licensed by the Government of Ontario to officiate weddings and will perform weddings of just about every style – same sex, non-denominational, spiritual, indoors and outdoors, to name a few.

His weddings have taken place in chapels, pavilions, venues, forests, fields and on television, with the only common denominator being that two people were madly in love.

His couples unanimously agree that Don is open, friendly, easy-going, and willing to do just about whatever it takes to make your wedding day as personal, meaningful and fun as you want it to be. “It is important to me that the bride and groom feel comfortable with me and with the ceremony we create together… Planning a wedding is a very special time in one’s life, and I want to help you create a service that is you, with the dignity, warmth, celebration and solemnity it deserves. My interest and desire is to make your wedding day as perfect as possible.”

Frances Seeley says Don made her special day unique, “We received many compliments on how wonderful (Don) was and the personal touches we were able to add to our ceremony. We are still receiving compliments even though it has been almost three months now. Not only was the service excellent, Don also helped us calm down and relax. The fact that he was able to walk my dad up to me as he couldn’t walk the whole way was very special to me and I can never thank him enough for that.”

It’s your ceremony

Don Perron has spent a lot of personal time developing different ways to incorporate children and mixed families into the ceremony, methods of drawing the guests into the ceremony, and ways of just knowing what the couple really wants to get out of their ceremony – apart from the piece of paper. Don says that he has found success through the years because each ceremony is designed just for the couple in love. There is no generic step-by-step wedding offered, unless the couple specifically asks for it. Don is open to anything just so long as the dignity of the ceremony is kept.

Don has several ways to incorporate children into ceremonies for couples who are blending a family. An example of this would be the way he alters the end of your ceremony, by saying, “I now pronounce you husband… and wife… and family,” and adds a special token as per family wishes.

Don places a lot of focus on the vows. This is where couples really can make the ceremony their own. “If you want to say ‘I take you, Honeypoo, to be my husband…’ then that’s okay with me. As long as it means something to you,” says Don. It seems wrong to class a minister in the category of someone who is working for you, but Don pointed out that, “Ultimately, the bride and groom are my clients, and I am providing a service for them. It’s my job to give them the ceremony they really want.”

Annette and Andrew said that Don really contributed to their special day, “(Don) did such a great job preforming our ceremony, it was exactly what we were looking for!”

Christine and Gavin agree, “Our ceremony was more amazing than we could have imagined. Everyone felt Don’s kindness and warmth. Thank you for making us husband and wife.”

Going to the chapel… (or beach… or gazebo…)

When you choose Don Perron as your wedding officiant, you will get what can sometimes be lost in the mix of wedding planning – to be inspired about your ceremony, to design that twenty to forty minutes in a way that really speaks to your heart. But, like with any wedding services, you need to meet Don first.

In a pre-wedding consultation, you will get a chance to sit down together with Don to discuss what you’re looking for, what ideas you have, what ideas he has, and then ultimately decide if Don is the right officiant for you. If you choose to go ahead, you will lay out a brief idea of how the ceremony will be performed.

One week before your wedding, Don will contact you to make final arrangements and details. Following that, the next time you see him will be about a half hour before your wedding ceremony. Unless you request it, Don doesn’t usually require a rehearsal ceremony the day before the wedding.

Maggie and Michael were married in July and we’re thankful to Don for the guidance and counsel he provided for their wedding ceremony, noting that his experience and relaxed nature helped ease any of their worries or stress.”

Details, details, details

• Don performs non-denominational, spiritual, religious, same partner, mixed ceremonies and many more customized ceremonies that you can have designed to your satisfaction. They can include your ideas and your chosen vows to fit your personal needs or customs.
• Don has options for incorporating children, parents, grandparents or anyone else special to you into ceremonies.
• He has options for unity candle ceremonies as well as alternatives to the unity candle ceremony, such as various sand ceremonies, and a beautiful parental service.
• Don can add a tastefully customized memorial service for a loved one to your special day.
• He provides a variety of options and information when you meet him. Don is an expert on the Ontario Marriage Act and can help answer all of your questions.
• Travel Area: Don tries to focus on performing ceremonies within Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridgr, Guelph and surrounding areas for the most part, but he welcomes all inquiries!
• Don recommends booking as far in advance as possible.
• Fees are approximately $300 for your complete package (excluding rehearsals). For off-hour, private legal ceremonies, fees are based on the services you may or may not require, the location and the day of the week. Rehearsals, if required, are extra. “My interest and desire is to make your wedding day as perfect as possible and the only way I can do this is by meeting you first.”
• Don always dresses in formal attire – without a collar (unless requested otherwise).
• For peace of mind Don has back-up celebrants to fill in, in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Don Perron | Photo: Guelph Today

To book Don Perron

Don would love to hear from you. He or his wife Sandy can answer any questions you may have, talk briefly about your ideas, set-up an appointment to meet, or just offer a friendly voice on the other end of the phone that is as interested in your ceremony as you are. To contact Don, email him directly using the form below 🙂

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5 5 1
Don married my husband and I almost 5 years ago, and he was wonderful! He had us all laughing during the ceremony and eased any nerves we were experiencing! He was so great that now he has married several of our friends!

5 5 1
I am a photographer of Hillier Photography and I recommend all my couples to Don. He's amazing and so personable! You won't be disappointed!!

5 5 1
Don was amazing, he is caring, genuine and wonderful to work with. Don is so experienced he could do your ceremony with his eyes closed. He allows you to be as involved in planning or writing your ceremony as you want. You can do it all, leave it all up to him, or share ideas. Either way, Don gets it done. Our wedding guests raved about him, they loved how he kept them interested, made jokes when needed, serious and loving when needed. He is just the perfect balance in what you want for an officiant. And even though there were a few minor setbacks (on my part for not informing him we changed the ceremony time by an hour) he remained calm and went with the flow. He was amazing with the children who were part of our wedding and made them feel comfortable. He was amazing at calming my fathers nerves. We couldn't be happier with our choice of officiant in Don. Thanks you Don for making our ceremony so special and genuinely ours. With love Jennifer

5 5 1
I can't imagine our wedding ceremony without Don. Not only did he customize our ceremony completely to our needs, giving us choices when we needed them, but on the day of the ceremony he made some important changes on the fly without breaking a sweat. And it was his idea to give my two stepdaughters the opportunity to sign our marriage license, making them an essential part of our marriage ceremony. I would recommend him highly to anyone who wants to have a memorable ceremony that is both moving and amusing.

5 5 1
Don was the greatest, calmed all of our nerves, even taking a moment to speak with my father, who was very emotional before the ceremony! He rolled with the punches, and was SO patient with rain, time and very last minute venue changes! He was absolutely fantastic, adding that something special to our ceremony!

5 5 1
We've had the pleasure of photographing wedding in which Don was the couples officiant. Don clearly goes above and beyond in sealing the bond between our couples, he has a true passion for what he does. We've found ourselves working with Don half-a-dozen times this year alone and look forward to his smile for years to comes. Our couples seem to connect well with his approach and have clearly made an informed decision with their officiant choice. Keep up the great work Don!
Don Perron, Pastoral Services of Guelph