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Outlooks for Men

Fashion conscious grooms turn to Outlooks for Men for a sophisticated wedding day look

Have you ever wondered why it’s only the brides who get to enjoy that ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ style experience? Where is the guy’s equivalent to this? On Vancouver Island, men who want to look their best on their wedding day are getting a true groom’s fashion experience at Outlooks for Men in Victoria and Duncan.

Outlooks for Men is a sophisticated menswear store that carries everything from suits and accessories to shoes and tuxedos. The store caters to fashion conscious men while still offering a friendly setting for grooms who are not as experienced with shopping for such an important day. Since a wedding day can make any guy sweat over what to wear, Outlooks for Men has found itself helping out scores of grooms to feel and look their best for the big day.

Grooms are looking for a better fit and cut to their clothing

Dale Olson, owner of Outlooks for Men, has been helping men dress elegantly for over twenty years. Outlooks for Men Victoria and their sister store, Outlooks Duncan, pride themselves on helping men look their best for every occasion – especially for a wedding day!

Dale and his staff work on weddings year round, which came as a surprise for Dale. In the early years of the store, he hadn’t originally envisioned that grooms would be such a big part of their daily work until he put out the sexy suits, tuxedos, accessories and more. Dale soon found out that men were (and are) “looking for someplace that will help them look better. They are stepping it up… they are looking for a better fit and cut to their clothing than the usual boxy and oversized look found in most stores. You want to remember that you looked immaculate that day!”

Walking into the experience…

When you first enter the Outlooks for Men Victoria location, the feeling is one of spaciousness and organization. There is no one pressuring you to buy and you are encouraged to ask any questions at any time. It’s a completely different vibe from a big chain store and the Outlooks management team works hard to make sure it feels that way. Tons of casual and semi-casual clothing lines the walls.

However, when clients are shopping for special occasions such as weddings, Outlooks encourages everyone to sit down in the leather couch area and discuss what theme, feel, location and vision are in mind. “Just like a bride is usually treated… We want to slow down and talk about what the event is going to be like so that the men’s attire can complement the occasion,” says Dale.

“Some come in, clearly having in mind what they want, while others have no idea and have come to us for that reason. It’s our job to help steer them in the right direction. Sometimes it’s the bride with a clear picture in mind and we work with that too!” says Dale.

Mike, who married in October 2012, was one of those guys who had no idea what he wanted. “I had never bought a suit before so I went into the whole thing fairly blindly. When I walked in I was greeted warmly by Dale, and after we talked about what I was looking for, he sized me up and pulled out a few options. I was impressed by his air of authority and obvious knowledge. This man KNOWS suits! He talked with me and had a fantastic sense of humour. He gave me so much information on suits and men’s fashion in general. I came out of that store educated.”

When a groom or groomsmen come to Outlooks there is tons of personal attention. The Ring sat and watched a final fitting for a groom where Dale must have checked the hems, sleeves and every other little thing at least ten times! Dale and his trusty fashion sidekicks make sure that every guy’s alterations are perfect. Dale’s master tailor, who has been with him for over fifteen years, does all alterations on site. The measurement process leaves no detail overlooked and produces the fit that Outlooks is famous for in Victoria.

But… there’s more to it than just a suit or a tux. Dale could never leave the whole picture unfinished. He makes sure each client’s look is complete. He and his team coordinate socks, ties, shirts and shoes to be sure that the final outfit is impeccable. “Even if the socks are a gift or the ties are vintage… we want to see them and make sure that everything will work together for the big day! We are slaves to detail. We aren’t just slapping a suit on a guy. Our guarantee is about detail so we make sure the attention is there. Even the most stressed out bride/groom can be assured that nothing will be overlooked by us.”

Scott Mitchell, whose wedding was in July 2013, heard of Outlooks through their word of mouth. “They had a great reputation for fit. They had everything that I wanted and they even ordered in the shirt I wanted. I ended up with shoes, socks, suit, vest and tie from them and it all fit perfectly.”

A few of our favourite things…

♥ Dale and his staff work with and support many local causes and charities. We have personally witnessed him providing clothing and modelling for the fashion show that supports Women In Need. They are generally a first class bunch of folks who help out whenever and where ever they can! One of the grooms we spoke with admitted that he first heard of Outlooks at a charity show held at a bike shop in Victoria!

♥ Brides have to love the peace of mind that Outlooks can bring them! Is your guy the type who doesn’t care about what he wears or would forget to buy socks to match his suit? Just get them to Dale and Co. and they will take on that worry for you. And he will likely be more fashion forward by the end of his experience. That a win/win!!

♥ We personally love Outlooks for all the help and support they have provided for The Wedding Ring Vancouver Island magazine photo shoots. They even make sure the suits arrives with shoes, shirts and ties that coordinate with the shoot theme! And the suits are tailored for our models… Wow.

♥ Outlooks for Men provides unique brands of clothing with a reputation for fit and that makes the difference! Not something you can just find anywhere on Vancouver Island. Groom Scott told us that one of the reasons he went to Outlooks in the first place is that they carried a suit from Strellson that he wanted!

Don’t forget that you can shop online! Truly the greatest fashion experience for those who don’t actually like to shop!

The Duncan location

Outlooks Duncan is co-owned by Shae Clutesi and Miles Anderson. In their own words the store is like an ‘overstuffed closet that is miraculously tidy’. This is due to the store having the same inventory available as Outlooks for Men Victoria. Shae loves dealing with wedding suits and accessories. She was also instrumental in making sure that Outlooks began ‘suiting up’ the guys in the wedding photo shoots with The Ring. She is extremely conscious of supporting local Island businesses and is so easy to talk with… something that is really useful when it comes to shopping for big events!

Photos, Right

As seen in the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of The Wedding Ring Vancouver Island magazine

Venue: The English Inn (www.englishinn.ca)
Photographer: Ophelia Photography (www.opheliaphotography.com)
Menswear: Outlooks for Men (www.outlooksformen.com)
Hats: Robertas Hats (www.victoriahat.com)
Hair and Make-up: Marion Groot and Carly Flint of ma-luxe (www.ma-luxe.com)
Shoot Styling: ma-luxe (www.ma-luxe.com)
Gown: The White Peony (www.whitepeony.com)
Headpiece: Adorn Atelier (www.adornatelier.ca)

Contacting Outlooks for Men…

Outlooks for Men Victoria is at 534 Yates St. and can be reached by phone at 250.384.2848. Outlooks Duncan is located at 53 Station Street and can be reached by phone at 250.597.2848. More details and even an online store can be found online at www.outlooksformen.com.

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