Plan Your Fabulous Local Wedding

Nearlyweds: Olivia Howell Abel & Jon Bowles

Together for: 4 years

The proposal: “My now fiancé and I took a vacation of our dreams in November 2019 for my 30th birthday. We went to Ireland with a tour company – it’s been a life long dream to go here so I was thrilled to be going for my birthday!

On my birthday we were in Northern Ireland and we were having drinks in the hotel bar, we decided to return to our room and wind down as we had an early start the next day!

After I was getting ready for bed I came out of the bathroom and found Jon on his knee. I was completely shocked and stunned! I was not expecting that at all! He grabbed my hand and asked me to marry him right there in the hotel room! I, of course said yes!

The next morning we told our Tour Manager the news who told the rest of the tour bus and everyone was so elated for us! We were in Belfast the next night and we had our “Ireland engagement party” with our tour group and a lot of drinks. It was the most amazing trip ever and seriously so many great memories!

We have set a date for October 2021 for our wedding date. ” – Olivia