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Wedding traditions and trends are like any other type of tradition or trend – they change over time. Being in the industry for 8 years now Dan Knight owner and operator of Day 2 Knight Events (day2knightevents.com) has noticed a few traditions that have changed over the years…

First Looks

“It was thought to be bad luck to see the bride/groom before the ceremony. Today couples incorporate a first look into their day so they can see each other before they walk down the aisle. This can also allow them more time to do a bunch of photos with their wedding party prior to the ceremony.” – D


“Once upon a time guests would be seated on the brides side or the grooms side at the ceremony. That tradition has, for most people, gone to the wayside with guests being encouraged to sit wherever they feel most comfortable.” – D

Day 2 Knight Events
Day 2 Knight Events

Kissing Game

“We have all been to a wedding over the years where guests would clink their glasses in order to encourage the couple to kiss. Today couples have to be a bit more creative than that as most venues don’t allow you to clink the glasses anymore. From having your guests sing a love song to trivia, they are many different and creative options to mix up your kissing game” – D


“The tradition of going on your honeymoon right after you say “I Do” has gone to the wayside. A number of couples may go away for a couple of days after their wedding day and save their honeymoon for a later date. There are many reasons to delay your honeymoon – to celebrate a special occasion, save a bit of money for the trip of your dreams or simply not being able to get time off work to go right away.” – D

Day 2 Knight Events
Day 2 Knight Events

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