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London’s NovaMarkina Photography offers contagious passion, a rare combination of film and digital and a gorgeous shooting style

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The team members at The Ring have all been long time fans of NovaMarkina Photography. Located in London, Ontario, NovaMarkina is a photography studio specializing in a rare combination of both film and digital mediums. Nova shoots with a blend of traditional style photography, flawless portraiture and modern elegance. You have only to look at her images, to see that she is the photographer for you.

Each year, owner and photographer NovaMarkina, limits the number of wedding she photographs, so that every client receives her full attention throughout their entire journey. “Fun, loving and light spirited, my passion for weddings is contagious, and I am looking forward to capturing images that you will love forever,” explains Nova. Staff at the Ring sat down with NovaMarkina to learn all about the wedding photography services that she offers.


About NovaMarkina Photography…

When asked how the business got started, Nova says, “I have always had a passion for photography, specifically photographing individuals and interactions… Having learned on a hand-me-down 35mm Pentax when I was a teen, the dream of becoming a professional photographer was always there, however it wasn’t until a few years later – a university degree in a different field and few other career opportunities – when everything started to fall into place.”

Nova bought her first DSLR and began assisting local photographers with weddings. Shortly after, she started booking her own weddings. “Before I knew it, things were in full swing,” she says. Nova worked her way up from the bottom, starting as an assistant. “I would do everything from carry bags to second shoot. I would help in every and any way possible, which meant anything from setting up lights to backing up cards to sewing on missing buttons for groomsmen and even re-pinning the occasional curl for bridesmaids.”

NovaMarkina Photography officially opened in 2009 and now, more than ever, Nova realizes that there is nothing else she would rather be doing. With eight successful years in business, Nova averages 30 weddings per year and with each and every wedding, Nova gains more experience and knowledge pertaining to both photography and the wedding industry. She also attends conferences and enrolls in online seminars to continue honing her skills.

Nova’s style…

“I love to get to know my couples – their likes and dislikes, how they see their wedding day, their list of ‘must-haves’ – so that I can set them up with the perfect collection. It is important for our relationship to begin as soon as they reach out,” she admits, adding that she likes to take the time to get to know her couples over coffee. Nova believes that it’s important that she feels connected with each couple she takes on as a client, and she says that’s why she doesn’t take every client that approaches her. “Only if we feel as though we would be the absolute perfect fit for you will we agree to be the ones there with you,” she admits.

“Initially we decided to reach out to Nova as we had recently been invited to a friend’s wedding and saw the beautiful job she did on their photos,” explains Amey, adding that Nova was also the right fit. “She was fun, outgoing and seemed to understand our vision of a very intimate backyard wedding.”

During the whirlwind planning phase of Amey’s wedding, Nova reassured her that she had time and everything would fall into place. Working with Nova continued to go smoothly during the planning process.

“She was approachable, answered all my questions and leading up to our wedding she provided several tips and suggestions to help ease our worries,” Amey says.

When Kelsey and her fiancé met Nova, they also knew she was the right fit for them.

“She made us feel super relaxed and made the process of booking so easy and stress free. She wanted to get to know us and wanted to get to know our style,” she says, adding that the biggest reason for choosing Nova is because she cared and both Kelsey and her fiancé felt that Nova wanted to make their wedding super special.


When asked what bride’s like about her style, Nova explains she’s often told it’s her non-intrusive approach. She describes her style as a combination of stylishly posed images and candid images. “Images that stylish and fun, and emotionally provoking – it is the perfect mix between tradition and trend without ever sacrificing quality,” she says. “I am attentive and easy to work with. I collaborate with them to photograph the images they want while staying true to NovaMarkina Photography’s style.”

“I absolutely love how romantic Nova’s style is,” admits Amey. “She takes such time capturing the smallest detail.”

Meagan had followed NovaMarkina’s work for years. Even before hiring her for her own wedding, she recommended Nova to her brother. “After getting engaged, Nova was the first vendor I called,” says Meagan. “I love that Nova focuses on the couple and doesn’t get carried away with “things” or “spaces”. She captures each couple’s personality and relationship perfect,” she says, adding that she loves how Nova balances fun, candid and posed shots.

When asked what inspire her about her job, Nova admits she is 100% confident that she has the best job in the world. “I photograph individuals on the most amazing day of their lives, which in and of itself is truly inspiring, and I have the opportunity to push myself (creatively) on a daily basis. However, my inspiration is not simply reserved to my working environment. I look for inspiration everywhere (fashion magazines, the latest styles and great landscapes and the world around me. I get a rush from always striving to be better, and without a creative outlet, my life would be incomplete.”

“She was the first wedding professional I had encountered who actually set up a time to speak over the phone instead of just emailing back and forth.

Nicole decided Nova was the photographer for her after their initial phone conversation. “She was the first wedding professional I had encountered who actually set up a time to speak over the phone instead of just emailing back and forth. During our phone conversation, she asked specific questions to get to know us as a couple, and fully understand our wants,” Nicole says. “She really cares about delivering an exceptional service, and the more we worked with her, the more that showed. I could not have been more pleased with our decision to hire Nova.”


When asked about Nova’s style, Nicole told The Ring, “Looking at her blog you can quickly see that she is able to photograph anyone, anywhere and make it beautiful. Whether your personal style is urban city, or country shabby chic – Nova adapts and sees the beauty in it all.”

Kelsey describes Nova’s style as unique. “She has such a creative eye and catches things that I never once would have thought of,” Kelsey says. She incorporates a vintage yet modern twist in her pictures which I fell in love with right away.

When Jessica was researching photographers for her wedding, she anticipated a difficult decision, but after looking a Nova’s portfolio online, Jessica knew Nova was the right fit for her. “She has the ability to make even the simplest background or subject appear so artistic and beautiful. Her creativity is undeniable, and I knew she would be a perfect fit to capture this special chapter of our lives,” Jessica says.

According to Nicole, their experience meeting and working with Nova was nothing short of amazing. “She and her team are so friendly, it just made us that much more comfortable around them. We truly felt like we were amongst friends,” Nicole says. “Since we are from outside of the city, we asked that our engagement session be photographed at the back of a friend’s cow pasture, in a beautiful area with a creek and some unusual shaped trees. In one of my emails I had warned that she might want to wear boots, as there were still cows in the pasture. No questions asked, Nova showed up that day with a smile on her face, excited for the adventure! The finished product was more than we could have hoped for.”


On the day of the wedding…

Nova admits to learning early on that being a wedding photographer is a huge responsibility based on trust and professionalism. She added that she also works as a coordinator throughout the day to ensure and facilitate the flow of the wedding. “As the hired professional, I maintain the attention to detail and take pride in each wedding as an individual entity. I want nothing for the best for each of my couples, and make it my mission on their wedding day to be not only the best photographer I can be, but to maintain a positive dynamic the whole day through.”

Nova is the primary photographer at every wedding, but she always bring along a second shooter

“My assistant/second shooter’s role is to help me with anything I need on the day of the wedding to ensure that I can perform my job with the utmost perfection. From second shooting, to carrying bags, to driving between locations, they help me with everything,” she explains.

“Neither my husband or I have had professional photos done so we were open with her and asked her to provide us with some direction,” says Amey. “She did a fabulous job between letting us be candid and giving us direction on how to move our arms, etc. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

Unsure of what to expect during the engagement shot, Jessica and her fiancé thought it might be awkward, but Nova made them quickly feel comfortable so they could relax and enjoy themselves. “We had an absolute blast working with her,” says Meagan regarding the engagement shoot.

“On the day of the wedding my fiancé and I were both so comfortable with her that we didn’t even notice her taking the most important photos. We received our photos a month after our wedding and were blown away with the memories that she caught and how incredible they turned out.”


Packages and prices at NovaMarkina

Packages range between $3,000 and $7,000 depending on the hours required for the day, but Nova also offers an a la carte option.

Nova says that bridal albums are always popular with her wedding clients. “These timeless keepsakes are personalized for each couple, and are, without a doubt an absolutely amazing way to both share, and preserve wedding day memories,” she says.

Amey found Nova’s prices to be very reasonable. Because of the intimate nature of their wedding, Amey decided to choose the a la carte option and pay for 3 hours of photography coverage. “We absolutely felt like she did everything in an effort to make sure we were happy and had a variety of photos. We were so surprised and thrilled to have received 400+ photos.”

“When we contacted Nova, we had already had a set budget in mind,” explains Nicole. “In the end, we were able to work together to come up with a personalized photo package that was reasonable and within budget. The finished product was worth every penny.”

When Meagan compared Nova’s prices to other wedding photographers she was quite surprised. “The other photographers did not exude the same talent that Nova did and in some cases she was less than if not the same in price. Very reasonable for the work and quality she puts in,” says Meagan.

Kelsey also agrees that Nova’s prices were very reasonable and according to her, the best part is she worked within our budget. “Nova was realistic, she understands the industry but she also understands reality. No matter the budget, Nova puts her heart and soul into her work and it is quite obvious in the end result.

A few of our favourite things about Nova…

1. She takes the time to listen to her clients – to learn what is important to them, and to provide appropriate feedback and suggestions when asked.
2. She is a people person who loves photographing individuals and interactions, and has always loved capturing relationships.
“I always aim to build reciprocal trust between myself and my clients, and give nothing less than 110% at each wedding,” she says.
3. She is always looking to enhance her knowledge and skills and believes that education is the key to success and growth.

“I am always eager to learn as much as possible in order to better myself as a photographer. This always means a fresh eye and added value for my clients.

novamarkina-photogrpahy-weddingring_0007Contacting NovaMarkina Photography

Nova Markina
Nova Markina

To learn more about NovaMarkina Photography, you can contact Nova directly email using the form below. 🙂 You can also visit them online at www.novamarkina.com/blog.

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When you dream about your wedding day, you dream about all the details - the flowers, the colours, the dress, and most importantly, the person you'll walk down the aisle to. When it comes time to actually put all these pieces together, it can be daunting and overwhelming task. Decisions, decisions, decisions. The easiest decision for me (other than the man I was marrying) was choosing Nova as our photographer. I knew I was making a smart choice I wouldn't regret, especially leading up to the wedding as I continued to see all the amazing photos she had shot in the previous months of other couple's weddings - they looked spectacular and the other couples sounded so happy with her work. When it came time for our wedding down in sunny Los Cabos, Mexico, both Nova and her second shooter, Matt (also her husband), were both absolutely spectacular to work with - they were directive, took charge - but in a friendly way - and got everyone feeling comfortable and good about taking photos. She also moved us through all of the family photos, and different poses effortlessly. We were having so much fun taking photos together - it felt natural and easy! That's exactly what you need on your wedding day - to feel like things are effortless, and you're having the best day ever, which I was. Lastly, Nova's work speaks for itself. When we got our photos back we were ecstatic. They were every bit as good as we hoped for and beyond. Like a dream come true. I 100% recommend Nova and will be using her for many years to come for each and every photo opportunity I have!
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