Your Photography Must-Have Shot List (downloadable)

DOWNLOADABLE SAMPLE SHOTS LIST | There’s likely thousands of photos that could be shot throughout your wedding day. But which ones are truly important to you? This is a question you will be going over with your chosen photographer (hopefully!).

Downloadable Sample Shots List | Latte Productions Wedding Photography
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The pro photographers at Kitchener-Waterloo-based Latte Productions Photography are nice enough to share one of their sample shot lists with us.

Check it out below (or download for printing)… 

Bridal Prep

___ Wedding Dress Hanging
___ Shoes
___ Jewelry
___ Flowers
___ Dress being done up
___ Bride putting on Mom and Dad’s boutonniere
___ Bride by herself
___ Bride with her bridesmaids
___ Bride getting into transportation


___ Groom by himself
___ Groom fixing his tie
___ Precession
___ Vows
___ Ring exchange
___ Kiss!
___ Signing the register
___ Recession
___ Family Photos (Specify)

On Location

(Subject to change as Bride and Groom want)
___ Traditional Wedding Party
___ Tug of War with the bride and groom
___ Wedding party cheering well couple kiss
___ Lots more variations of wedding party…
___ Bride and Groom traditional
___ Bride and Groom dip kiss
___ Bride and Groom looking at each other
___ Lots more variations of bride and groom…

Reception Details

___ Decor details
___ Grand entrance
___ Speeches (Speakers + Couple’s Reactions)
___ Bride and Groom kissing
___ Games played
___ First Dance
___ Special dances
___ Cake cutting
___ People on dance floor having fun
___ Bouquet Toss
___ Garter Toss

Click to download for printing.


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