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A highlight of our wedding

Bride-Savvy Score: 5.0
Reviewed by Simon & Emily McMillan
January 05, 2013
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Here’s why Alicia is great:
– She takes amazing photos
– She is relaxed, and makes you want to smile
– Her prices are very competitive
– The end product looks relaxed, natural, and not posed. She has a combination of the little details and the big picture!

So here’s a bit more detail:
I have to admit that I did not agree with my fiancee (now wife) placing photos at #2 on our wedding priority list. Can’t anyone just take some nice pictures? Well that may be true but after our experience with Alicia I think the money spent on a pro was definitely worth it. We did both our engagement photoshoot and our wedding with her. We loved how unrushed and relaxed Alicia was. She made sure to find out what pictures we wanted and to take those. She doesn’t do a bunch of posed pictures (unless that’s what you want) and everyone at our wedding noted how great she was. We love the pictures she took and especially the books she put together for us. We received all the original pictures in electronic format (for free) which is great. Alicia was always easy to get a hold of and she was very willing to make changes that we wanted. We appreciated little things like how she posted a few pictures on facebook very quickly so our friends and family could start to ooh and aah after our wedding, helping out with whatever she could on the big day, and how she took us for a late night photoshoot outside our venue at the end of the night and made sure to get just the right shot, even though we had no further expectations after 12 hours of work!

A couple of minor issues were that it took quite a while to get the books (but she told us it would take a while – since she is so busy) and the colour in the books wasn’t always quite right but that was an issue with the printing company she used. She agreed right away to look into that.

Overall we both highly recommend Alicia if you want fresh, beautiful, and natural looking photos, taken with little stress and lots of laughs.
Simon & Emily


Fabulous Photography
Bride-Savvy Score: 5.0
Reviewed by N/A
October 24, 2012
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Alicia was great! We were very happy with the service and even happier when we got our pictures back. She brought a lot of creativity to the wedding. Definitely recommended!

No one better but Alicia

Bride-Savvy Score: 5.0
Reviewed by Anna
October 17, 2012
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My fiance and I had our engagements shots done at a beautiful location suggested by Alicia. I told her what my vision for the shoot was and she definitely delivered. Alicia made us feel very comfortable, which made it very easy to be ourselves. Alicia went above and beyond to capture the perfect little moments and our photos turned out great! I can’t wait till our wedding to work with her again. I would definitely recommend Alicia to anyone who is searching for a photographer :).

More than we could have imagined!

Bride-Savvy Score: 5.0
Reviewed by Brittany
February 29, 2012
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Alicia Riley’s professional and personable qualities make her an amazing photographer! She made us feel so comfortable during our engagement shoot and truly captured our personalities. We had so much fun that we hardly remembered she was there “doing her job”. We have received so many compliments on our photos and we cannot wait to work with Alicia again at our wedding!

Thank you so much Alicia, we are so lucky to have you as our photographer!

Brittany and Scott

awesome photographer

Bride-Savvy Score: 5.0
Reviewed by sarah hostler
February 19, 2012
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alicia was recommended to me by my sister so i checked it out and met with her regarding our wedding photos. she is very professional and easy to get along with. i had no doubt i wanted her as our photographer for our big day. she was like another family member as if we knew her for a long time and she did such an amazing job. our wedding pictures are gorgeous and we couldn’t be happier. i would recommend her to anyone looking for a great photographer!
thanks again alicia you were awesome!

Out-going, spunky and imaginative!

Bride-Savvy Score: 5.0
Reviewed by Sarah Beckingham
November 25, 2011
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Miss A and I ventured out to the local graveyard and beach in a 6 degree rain storm to shoot my “Trash your dress” pictures! Not only did she produce some amazing pics, but she was imaginative, out-going, and a real professional! She drove all the way from London to Sarnia on a Friday night to accommodate my busy schedule! The pics are truly breath-taking and I know she’s going to a wonderful & successful career in photography! Thanks Miss A!!!!!

Above and Beyond

Bride-Savvy Score: 5.0
Reviewed by Amanda
May 01, 2011
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Besides marrying my husband, choosing Alicia to capture our special day was the best decision I ever made. My husband and I got married in Negril, Jamaica in April 2011 and decided to bring a photographer from home as I am extremely picky ;). Alicia exceeded our expectations and then some. She was professional, fun, easy going, creative, and extremely patient with a cranky bride. Alicia went above and beyond for us and our guests starting from the minute we arrived and my husband left his suit on the bus….it was Alicia who stayed back at reception to ensure that my husband would be dressed appropriately for our wedding day.

I have a passion to pursue photography however my husband does not. Myself and my husband were impressed with how easily Alicia was able to engage him in various photo shoots and keep him from complaining about the number of pictures he was taking. For someone who does not like having his picture taken, he certainly did well thanks to the creative efforts of Alicia.

After the wedding day is over, every bride starts thinking about her pictures and what they will look like. Often it takes up to 1-3 months to get your pictures back and I personally have heard horror stories of it taking up to a year. Upon arriving home I received an email from Alicia within 2 days with 4-5 preview shots from the wedding. The pictures have impressed us and our families and we are all very excited to see what the other 2000 look like.

Now what every bride-and-groom-to-be wants to know: How much is it going to cost me? Alicia’s packages are not only affordable but the best I found for the quality of the work you would be receiving. I was lucky to have had a friend who used Alicia for her wedding and was able to fully view the final product and was EXTREMELY impressed with the quality. Alicia is up front about what she offers and there are no hidden costs.

I could speak for hours about how impressed I am with Alicia’s work but I will end with saying a GREAT BIG “Thank You” to Alicia for making my special day absolutely magical.

Any bride-and-groom-to-be would be lucky to retain Alicia to capture one of the most important days of their lives.

Creative, resourceful, easy-going

Bride-Savvy Score: 5.0
Reviewed by Cam Levack
March 30, 2011
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A few years ago, I worked on with Alicia the graphic designer. Her ideas were always fresh, her commitment to the job strong, and her sense of humour a joy to share. Now that she’s doing more photography, you can see the same traits coming through. Alicia has a way of taking her work seriously, but never herself – pretty important qualities in the roll-with-the-punches demands of a wedding shoot.
Her personality comes through in the style of the images she creates – perfectly composed, nicely lit, a little whimsical in character. She captures the energy and emotion of the event, and seems to avoid the clichés.
The to-be-married people in the London area couldn’t entrust their memories with anyone better.

Photo Books!

Bride-Savvy Score: 5.0
Reviewed by Nadina Ayer
March 29, 2011
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My husband and I had Alicia shoot our wedding on Dec. 18, 2010. As tennis enthusiasts and coaches we always liked to throw Alicia’s way some tennis balls with extra juice on them. So we decided to do the same with our fall/winter wedding. It was a cold, snowy and bitter day. She did well 🙂 extremely well with all the complaining and wining by the wedding party. When the time came to get our pictures back, she presented us with a very neat idea! She was offering story books with all the wedding pictures inside and hard covers with our wedding picture as the front page. It was the most amazing and unique thing we have ever seen. We absolutely loved the idea and the final product. It told our story in a fairy tale fashion. The book is our story and very personal. On top of that it is very compact, light, and easy to carry unlike big photo albums with 300 + pictures in them with pictures sometimes flying out and getting damage through use. Instead our special day story book does just that in a chic and very sophisticated way; it tells a story about our special day and celebration of our love for each other. It is a great keepsake. We ordered several of these story books on our special day to give out to our parents. The response was “delightful, beautiful, thank you so much, couldn’t have had a better gift, and much more”. We would like to thank Alicia for her wonderful, thoughtful, and detailed work that incorporated everything we ever wished for and more. We absolutely love you. Sincerely, Joel and Nadina

Alicia Riley-February 16, 2011 wedding

Bride-Savvy Score: 5.0
Reviewed by Michelle Foltarz
March 03, 2011
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I hired Alicia to take my wedding photos on Feb. 26, 2011. She had taken photos at my bridal shower earlier in the fall season and I loved working with her. Alicia felt like she was one of my personal friends, she had a way about her that put you at ease right away. She is so professional, and walked me through my wedding day. She was never once stressed out about anything, and this made me feel much less stress as well. Alicia was almost invisible throughout the day, she worked the reception venue and the Church so well that no one knew she was even there. I only knew she was there when were doing portraits shots, and groups shots. The greatest thing about Alicia is that she sent me four preview pics two days after my wedding-of course they are unbelievably breathtaking. I am so excited to see the rest in a few more weeks and I will write another review when they arrive! My bridesmaids also liked working with Alicia, and that said a lot to me about her personality. She is an excellent photographer, fun to be around and very professional! I had a great day because of her. I can’t wait to see my entire wedding in a few more weeks, I know she captured more than I can imagine or picture in my head.