Ideas for modern day Bachelor & Bachelorette parties and Stag & Doe’s

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Celebrating the soon to be married is an ancient tradition. Dinner and toasts to the groom-to-be date back to the days of the Spartans and bridal showers and teas have been around for centuries. Modern Bachelor or Bachelorette festivities, however, offer an ever growing host of possibilities.

The stereotypical Stag or Stagette sends a small group of men or women out on the town or on a road trip. This type of celebration will often create a feeling of group camaraderie and, perhaps, allow members from different sides of the wedding party to get to know each other.

Brentwood Livery
Brentwood Livery

The rented venue is another popular option for a celebration. This offers the benefit of a central location that can serve a larger group. People outside the wedding guest list may be invited and, quite often, money can be raised for the bride or groom-to-be. The all-encompassing version of this is the Stag & Doe.

A more recent trend is the “all-welcome” Stag/Stagette. A bride or groom may have close friends of the opposite sex or the bride a brother or the groom a sister that they would not want to be excluded from the get-together. Online accounts of mixed gender groups following the traditional Stag formula are becoming more common. Some groups will even still set aside some just-the-guys or just-the-girls time as part of a stag weekend.

Brentwood Livery
Brentwood Livery

Another more recent innovation is the groom shower or handyman shower. Bridal showers are a long-standing tradition but the male version is gaining ground with, perhaps, that new BBQ or power tools on the gift list.

Outside the bachelor or bachelorette party the list of activities that may constitute a pre-nuptial send off is limited only by the interests and finances of the participants. Sporting events, games, tours and spas are popular or, maybe, the bride-to-be always wanted to try skydiving or the groom- to-be would love to attend race car driving school.

Brentwood Livery
Brentwood Livery

Whatever the bachelor or bachelorette celebration you choose it can bring your wedding team closer together. If you decide to make limousine service part of your party, make Brentwood Livery part of that team.

“We’ve been providing unforgettable wedding, and pre and post wedding, service for more than 27 years. We’re very, very good at it. We can help make your bachelor or bachelorette event, big or small, traditional or out-there, spectacular.”

If you aren’t sure of what you want to do, or are looking for ideas, click here: Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

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