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Maximum Music translates a passion for quality service and professionalism into a soundtrack for Toronto nuptials

Request more pricing, details and info from this vendor!Maximum Music DJ Services is a name that many brides, hotels and caterers already know and love – particularly in the Toronto, Muskoka and Niagara regions. Owner and DJ, Rod McMahon, has designed his company to offer music services that are professional, reliable, and very focused on weddings. Working alongside his Booking Manager, Allison Mossman, Rod says, “We’re not a production company or a club music company. We are a DJ company. We can do youth parties, bar mitzvahs, holiday parties and picnics… but our primary focus is weddings. We provide quality DJ services at competitive prices to local brides and grooms.”

From the day the Maximum doors opened, Rod has built his company around the idea of going above and beyond what he knew other DJ companies to be doing in the market at the time, so he set out to offer great music for events, to make promises and keep them, to work with only the highest quality DJs, and to provide quality services up to and on the wedding day. Let us tell you more…

Who they are….

Maximum Music is a DJ service company that’s been in business for nearly thirty years. Based out of Toronto, they serve clients from the Niagara Region to Muskoka and everything in between. Of the 400+ events they set the tone for in 2015, 375 of them were weddings.

Maximum Music is a member of the CPDJA (Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association) and attributes a lot of their success to their team of DJs and office workers. “Our staff is our biggest strength,” explained Rod, who works with a team of fifteen in-house DJs on a regular basis just to meet the demand of the engaged couples and corporate clients that come into their downtown studio storefront. “Our DJs work primarily with Maximum Music. We do not sell our bookings to other, independent DJ companies. As the face of Maximum Music, we ensure our DJs have strong technical training and exceptional people skills.” Rod believes that good DJs have to have people skills first. “Then we teach them the DJ skills. They’re all fully trained before they’re able to do an event in our name on their own…” He says it’s this attention to quality and professionalism that sets them apart from many other disc jockey services.

What brides and grooms want

If you ask anyone at Maximum Music what type of event they love to play for most, they’ll likely answer quickly – “Weddings.” Rod says it’s because it’s fun and because, “… we get to make people happy and be part of a celebration. All of our DJs like doing weddings. The wedding dance brings the widest variety of people together.”

If you’ve ever spoken with a past bride of Maximum Music or looked through their portfolio of references, it sounds like the feeling is mutual. Brides already seem to know and love the Maximum Music name, and from what we can tell, there are a lot of really good reasons why…

The Library: To begin with, if you’re planning your own wedding music and are interested in what songs are played and when, this DJ company has you covered. Maximum Music offers a large library of fully licensed songs including both Canadian and multicultural play lists. Every Maximum DJ brings this database of tunes with them to each event. You can check out the full list in Maximum Music’s online brochure.

The DJ: Rod says you can count on their DJs being professional – they dress for the occasion, they control the volume (keeping it loud enough for dancing yet not so loud that it discourages conversation) and they don’t use the mic unless it’s appropriate. “Our main job is to play the music. We don’t tell jokes or lead conga lines. We won’t overstep the line of professionalism with inappropriate comments or conduct at the risk of embarrassing you, guests or Maximum Music,” they explain. Instead, “Our DJs show enthusiasm, take and play requests, and do their best to stimulate a fun-filled evening of music and dancing.” Allison says the typical wedding entails setting up, announcing the bride and groom, playing through dinner, announcing the cake cutting, garter and bouquet tosses, and playing through to the last dance. If you want your DJ to act as an emcee also, then they’re happy to do so as well, and the DJ selected for your wedding will be based on that requirement.

The Knowledge: Rod considers it the mission of his company and their DJs to offer a selection of music that will appeal to all musical tastes, and more importantly, to know which music selections are appropriate to play at which times. They recognize that the wedding dance is the single longest event of the day. Rod says that’s why the entire team at Maximum considers it their personal responsibility to offer great music and great service all under one roof.

The Equipment: Rod says that all Maximum Music equipment is state-of-the-art, as is the necessity in the DJ business. This includes the extras such as intelligent lighting (patterns of light that dance to the beat) and dry ice (usually used for the first dance). Overall though, Maximum Music doesn’t seem to focus on the techno-style ‘bells and whistles’. They say that fancy lights and fog aren’t always appropriate, which is why they leave that decision in the hands of their couples. Their real focus is on offering a fun wedding dance that engages all of your guests.

The Back-ups: To alleviate one of the biggest concerns many couples have, Rod also says that they’ve got backup DJs and equipment available – just in case. That back-up is usually Rod himself. This may just mean coming to lend a hand, to switch out equipment if needed, to chat with the staff at the venue, or essentially do whatever is needed.

The Check-up: Taking their company mission to the next level, Rod also makes it regular practice to spot visit as many of the Maximum events as they can on any given Saturday night. “We’re just there to make sure that everything is perfect. Your wedding reception is important to us.”

Choosing the DJ for you

One of the most common questions Maximum Music is asked by couples is, “Can we choose our own DJ?” Rod and Allison say, “Yes. We take requests, but we won’t make a promise we can’t keep.” Normally DJs are assigned to events 30 to 60 days prior to the event. “We always try to accommodate requests…” Maximum DJs are assigned to events based on personality and need. They are very flexible and can cater to ethnic weddings as well. “We would send a DJ that not only knows the music, but he or she knows your traditions, culture and music.” They ask their couples to trust them to find the right DJ for their wedding.

Walking you through it…

To get started, couples can call or email Maximum for wedding date availability. You will speak with either Rod, Allison or Suzanne who handle all of the bookings and will be happy to hear from you any time. Email or phone is recommended to make sure that enough time is set aside to help you with your questions and music plans. You can event reach out to Maximum Music via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

All couples are given access to Maximum Music’s online music planning tools, as well as their online database of wedding music suggestions, wedding planning blogs and more. Maximum Music will also go through all of the details with you by phone in the weeks leading up to your wedding day, making sure everything is perfect from forst contact to last dance.

A lot of the music planning, including selecting your play list, can be done online as well. If you need a little guidance, Maximum staff can also ast as music tutors if you want an outside perspective – giving advice on choices, and helping you with the ‘banned list’. They also offer a knowledge base of planning tips and advice on their website and social media channels, drawing from their experience providing music to over 10,000 weddings.

“They had lots of freedom with the choices of music. You could completely hand pick the song list, or simply choose a category fot them to play from…It was great to hand them a list prior to out wedding with song choices and information, and not have to worry on out wedding day.” -Stacey and Kirt Lebe

The Maximum Music office will contact you to run through and recap all of your last minute details and make sure everyone is on the same page. Rod says it’s a smooth process because it’s one that they’ve been refining over the course of the fifteen years they’ve been in business. Every step is designed to ensure you get great music with minimum stress on your part. And if at any point from booking up to the wedding you have any questions, you have access to the Maximum Music office staff by phone and email.

Rod says that at your wedding, you’ll have a professional, reliable DJ who knows how to run the evening’s music smoothly and who won’t overstep his or her bounds. He or she will know what to play and when to play it.

Pricing & packages…

Maximum Music recommends that couples choose their DJ company according to who can offer the best possible price without sacrificing professional quality. Rod says the old saying ‘You get what you pay for’ definitely applies in the disc jockey business.

In an industry that charges anywhere from $1000 to $3500 for an evening of music, Maximum fits in quite nicely, charging $1775 for up to eight hours of playing time (until 1am) on Saturdays from May 1 to December 31. They offer music for $1275 on ‘off-nights’ or ‘off-season’, meaning any day other than Saturday or weddings that take place on Saturdays between January and April.

For weddings with guests who want to really dance the night away, Maximum charges an additional $100 per hour after 1 am.

Including the extras

DJs from Maximum Music usually set up and run a sound check one hour prior to your wedding’s official start time. This hour is not billed for, but treated as an extra measure to make sure the night goes as planned.

Your music package can include music for both the ceremony and reception, cocktail hour or dinner music – essentially anything you need at no additional cost, as long as the events take place at the same location and within your 8 hours of service.

Details, details, details

• You should book your date with Maximum Music approximately 6 to 12 months ahead of time, though you can book as soon as 3 years in advance (and some people do).
• There is a deposit of $400 for Saturday weddings between May 1 and December 31. A $300 deposit is needed for off-nights or off-season bookings.
• Your balance is due on or before the day of the wedding.
• With more than 5 months notice, you can get your deposit back should you decide to cancel.
• GST tax and gratuities are not included in package prices.

In other words…

“Riley DJ’d our wedding on June 18, 2016 and he was absolutely awesome!!! He was extremely attentive and went through details with us to make sure the evening would run smoothly… and it did! He really read the crowd well and ensured the music played got people onto the dance floor. Music is extremely important for us and so when picking a DJ for our wedding we wanted to ensure that we would get someone with experience and who could deliver a great experience and Riley did just this! Even before we were assigned a DJ the team at Maximum Music is extremely helpful and very responsive – big shout out to Suzanne who was very helpful! Thank you for making our big day truly perfect!” Leandra and Stefan – June 2016

“Maximum was great from beginning to end! They were VERY quick to respond to any questions that we had and made the entire process very easy! The online playlist left us feeling confident that we had control over the reception and the music that would be played. Our DJ Dana was wonderful! Maximum came as a referral to us and we would definitely recommend them for any upcoming event you may have!”Amanda and Clancy – June 2016

“Maximum Music DJ Service was amazing at our wedding! The entire team from start to finish provided us with such wonderful service. I couldn’t be happier. What I love about this company is that there is a large repertoire of online music to put together your song selection starting from music you love, like, and songs you don’t want to hear. Special thank yous to Allison and Rod! They truly covered all the little details for us, and went above and beyond with acquiring special songs we wanted to play for the ceremony and first dance.”

“Suzanne, Rod and all the people at Maximum Music are fantastic! Maximum Music provided classical and jazz music during our beautiful reception at The Boiler House Loft in the Distillery District on June 30, 2016. The music selected by their DJ set the prefect mood for this portion of our evening! Then, once the speeches were done and our guests were ready to dance the music changed to a mixed array of all types of music. I cant stress enough how wonderful the DJ was adapting to our VARIOUS age groups. Our guests ranged in age from 2 weeks old to in their 70’s. Talk about a challenge for any DJ! Older tunes got the older crowd up on the dance floor immediately, then as the night went on he transitioned to our guests that were in their 30’s – 40’s. As that group tired out then our guests in their teens to 30’s took over the dance floor and they literally danced until 2 am. I could not have asked for a more flexible and responsive DJ.

Thank you Maximum for making our wedding reception everything we had dreamed of!” Julia and James – June 2016

“Peter and I had an amazing wedding day and loved having Spencer and Maximum Music as a part of it. Spencer was there and ready to go on the day of and had people dancing at a lunch reception! What more could we ask for :)” Holly and Peter – June 2016

Our DJ, Dana was a complete joy to have at our wedding! He brought a large kissing dice and the kids went wild for it. He was simply wonderful! He worked so well with the venue’s floor manager and complimented the traditional elements of our Chinese/Scottish wedding for announcements and speeches! We and our guests loved it! We had a blast!”Elizabeth and Gregory – May 2016

Our wedding was last Saturday. Nigel was absolutely AMAZING. He read the crowd perfectly & we couldn’t be happier. Secondly, thank you Rod for coming by. It was a nice touch & was great meeting you. Lastly thank you Allison for your professionalism & thoughtfulness over the past few months. You were great! Five stars to all of you!! We would highly recommend Maxim DJ to anyone looking for a DJ. Thanks again for making our wedding reception a truly special one! Sabina and Darcy – April 2016

“We felt it all went very smoothly. Dana did a wonderful job on the day of the wedding. Many of our guests even commented to us about how great he was. He clearly enjoys his work and our guests noticed and appreciated that.” Natalie and Steve  – May  2016

“Absolutely EVERYTHING was fantastic. Our DJ was superb and everyone was up dancing. The type of music played satisfied everyone and every age. He was accommodating and completely met all of our expectations!” John and Dan – May 2016

“Anne and I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and the entire Maximum DJ team for your services. You and your team leading up to the event were very responsive and informative and always in touch which was so helpful. As for Liam, he was outstanding. It wasn’t just his music selection, which was excellent – the dance floor was hopping all night. His friendly attitude and disposition were just perfect for our ceremony. You can tell he genuinely enjoys the work and it made it a pleasure to work with him. Please pass our compliments on to him.” Anne and Jonny – February 2016

Reaching Maximum…

All your questions for Maximum Music DJ Service, including checking their availability for your date can be directed to Rod directly by email using the form below. 🙂 or by phone at 416-255-2910, or by visit them online at www.maximumDJ.com. They have ‘early hours’ to serve their clientele during the day – they are available for inquiries from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm Monday to Friday, and are also available by appointment only during the evenings and on weekends.


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In addition to all the above reasons why you should choose Maximum Music to DJ your wedding, from the perspective of a recently married (Sept 6/09) bride: • Rod is easy going, open minded and professional • Allison is on top of her game and easy to get in contact with; my partner and I met with Rod in August of 2008, and though we took some time to look around a little before we hired them, Allison kept intermittent contact with me which I appreciated very much. • the book I received at the wedding show was very informative and made for an excellent "workbook" to browse and highlight songs • the online wedding music planner and submission process was essential...I appreciated not having to make an extra trip or use anymore paper • integrated seamlessly with our lighting company's equipment • a hassle and worry free experience; our DJ was professional and had us dancing all night long!
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