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Mariposa Cruises: A Unique, Fun, Affordable Option for An Unforgettable Wedding

Request more pricing, details and info from this vendor!Do you want to get married but you don’t want something super traditional? Have you been considering a beach wedding but don’t want to worry about booking a reception venue too? Consider a wedding cruise! We know what you’re thinking… I bet they are very expensive and difficult to plan? We thought so too. That was until we visited the staff at Mariposa Cruises and learned a bit more about celebrating “I Do” on waters of blue…

Cruises already popular for weddings

The Director of Sales and Marketing at Mariposa Cruises, said that they had about 50 weddings last year and expect even more this year (the company has been in business for 25 years). Couples looking to get married or host their reception on one of their seven cruise ships speak with a warm and friendly sales manager. They give the couples a tour of all the ships if requested to help them narrow the decision. Then, once that decision is made, each couple is assigned an experienced event coordinator, who helps them to navigate the waters of their wedding planning details.  The company has several caterers they work with and all the meals are prepared on board. They also offer clients a list of referred vendors for flowers, photography, djs, etc.  There is also a full beverage service onboard. While the coordinator advises couples to book as early as they can to ensure they get the ship they prefer, there are always some last minute bookings. They have hosted weddings with a handful of guests and ones with 575. (Although they can only accommodate 250-300 for a sit down dinner.)

Who Gets Married on a Cruise Ship?

You can also hold the ceremony itself on the ship and as such people looking for non-religious ceremonies have increasingly booked the venue. Same-sex couples looking for something simple and easy have also turned to Mariposa. They also have an elopement package great for a couple and a few friends looking to turn a cruise on the harbour into a special celebration. The company has also hosted several cultural weddings and have arrangements with a variety of caterers to help create the desired cultural cuisine. Mariposa has been finding that more and more couples are getting married without financial help from their parents. Mariposa has a flexible pay schedule and works with couples to carve out an individual payment plan that works for them.  According to the website, they have wedding menus starting at a reasonable rate of $27.95 per person plus charter fee.

Memorable Moments

One time a couple’s wedding cake was arriving after they were set to take off (on the four hour wedding cruise) so Mariposa had the cake delivered on a water taxi. They recall one wedding where the theme was James Bond movies and the groom arrived on water skis with Bond theme music playing. For many couples who have guests arriving from out of town or out of the country this is a great way for them to see the city. Also, guests have commented that attending a wedding on a cruise ship really made them feel part of it all!

Final Thoughts…

When the Event Coordinator, gave us a tour of the ships we couldn’t help but ask, “Um do people ever get sea-sick?” She laughed and said “Actually no. It hasn’t really been a problem.” She also said that even if it is raining the ship will set sail so your guests won’t be disappointed. The only time they keep the ship docked is if a storm is coming and the wind is dangerously strong otherwise “all aboard!”

Details, details, details

  • Taxes are the normal 13%, HSC is 15%
  • Deposit Required to Book: “Our sales managers work to establish a deposit and payment schedule that works well for the couple as well as for Mariposa Cruises. Naturally, this schedule will be more accelerated if it’s a short term booking, whereas on a longer term booking we can exercise greater flexibility.  It’s a very personal process.”

Contacting Mariposa Cruises

A Special Events Consultant at Mariposa Cruises can be reached by email directly using the form below. Mariposa Cruises are located at 207 Queen’s Quay West in Toronto. You can also visit Mariposa Cruises online at http://www.mariposacruises.com.

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