Love wins out over rain for this artistic couple

John & Lindsey :: August 8, 2009
Goderich, Ontario

Photography by Jakal Photography, Seaforth ON
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John and Lindsey met in 2004 when they both attended a concert of Chinese music in Montreal. Lindsey’s roommate introduced the two, which led to the group getting together for tea. They must have hit it off because after this outing, Lindsey found herself visiting places where she hoped she would bump into John. She got John’s phone number through a mutual friend and the two shared an exciting first date. Within four months, John and Lindsey were living together.

When John knew that he wanted to be with Lindsey forever, he decided to propose to her on the banks where the Lachine Canal opens into the St. Lawrence River. The two were out for a bike ride and stopped for a break. John called Lindsey over, saying that she needed to see a butterfly that was sitting nearby. But there was no butterfly. It turns out, John had the ring hiding in the plants next to the shore, and that’s where’s Lindsey said yes to marrying him.

And that’s exactly what she did on August 8, 2009. The couple had planned to wed on the flats by the side of Maitland River in Goderich, but because of relentless rain they decided to stick to higher ground and had their ceremony under a tent.

While the weather wasn’t ideal for the couple’s outdoor wedding plans, Darlene McCowan of Jakal Photography said the happy couple didn’t seem to notice. “… the rain definitely did not put a damper on the atmosphere,” she says. “The couple took it in stride and their love for each other beamed through the rain drops… I don’t know if I have ever witnessed such love between a couple… These two were truly meant for each other.”

Darlene photographed John and Lindsey’s ceremony and pre-reception poses and says that the pair’s artistic personalities also shined throughout their wedding. John is a musician and Lindsey is a painter. Looking back at their wedding, Darlene says that “it was obvious in the way they presented themselves, interacted and showed their affection for one another that there was an artistic side to this couple.”

The ceremony was held on the beautiful country property of family friends. John and Lindsey’s musician friends played for guests before and after the ceremony, adding a personalized aspect and even more elements of the couple’s love for the arts.

An intimate ceremony of just 86 guests gave the atmosphere a relaxed charm, according to Darlene. An onsite cabin was used for wedding party and family photos, and for the couple, their friends’ home was opened up, which Darlene says was gorgeous and full of fabulous light. Not to mention the awesome grand piano that fit well into the theme of the day.

Luck would have it that ten minutes before Darlene was set to finish shooting, the rain cleared just long enough to capture some shots by the river.

John and Lindsey’s wedding was fun and elegant, down to every last detail and truly captured not only their love, but their life together as well. “Simple, but elegant,” described the day.

From the fabulous flowers (arranged by a friend of the bride) and the bride and groom’s obvious love for each other, to the gorgeous property and home (which Darlene called a photographer’s dream), friends playing ceremony music, and the overall vintage feel of the couple’s attire – it was a stunning day from beginning to end.

Goderich, rain