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With a flare for creative wedding photography, Kiss Photography helps couples capture their most memorable moments

As with any wedding service, you want to ensure you’re making the right decision. Choosing which photographer will capture your special moments on one of the most important days of your life is a huge decision. For some, all it takes is an initial meeting. For others it’s looking through a portfolio of beautiful images or to ask for recommendations from friends and family.

For Corisa Pringle, photographer and owner of Kiss Photography, her style, creativity, rapport and professionalism is often what attracts potential couples to enlist her services. Staff at The Ring sat down with Corisa Pringle, Photographer at Kiss Photography in Victoria, British Columbia to find out what couples can expect from Kiss Photographer.

About Kiss Photography…

Being able to combine your passion and career is something that most people strive for, but don’t necessarily achieve. But Corisa is one of those lucky people – for over ten years, she has been helping happy couples capture their most memorable moments. As a self-taught photographer, her love of photography is what led her to start her own business, Kiss Photography. Along with an assistant, she catches those behind the scenes moments that otherwise might be missed.

The motto that Kiss Photography coined for the fun loving attitude exhibited towards wedding photography – “Keeping it Simply Special” – is one of the reason why couples keep enlisting Corisa’s services. In fact, Corisa has shot over sixty five weddings and her business continues to grow.

Kiss Photography’s photography style…

Corisa is always pushing herself to come up with innovative ideas for photos so that there is something original for the couple to enjoy. She works closely with couples to ensure their needs and wants are communicated. While classic and posed photos are part of the wedding day, the real photos are the candid ones. Combining a creative and fun setting for photographs makes the day both enjoyable and relaxing. According to Corisa, if couples are comfortable with their photographer, the photos will feel relaxed instead of forced.

One of the reasons why brides have chosen Kiss Photography is because Corisa doesn’t believe in a lot of heavy editing and would rather let the photos speak for themselves.

Christina and Josh, who enlisted Kiss Photography to shoot their wedding day noticed how well Corisa communicated and listened. “We wholeheartedly recommend Kiss Photography if you want someone that will not only listen to what you want, but gently encourage you towards what her years of experience will display best. Corisa is well-versed in her craft, and does it with grace and kindness at a time when stress can sway even the most flexible of couples.”

What keeps Kiss Photography inspired…

Corisa truly loves photographing weddings. She adores meeting the couples, discussing the details of their day, and most of all, being able to capture the day’s experiences. It’s the little moments throughout the day that Corisa feels really capture the emotion and intimacy.

When Alicia and Ryan were looking for a wedding photographer, they loved Corisa’s style and how the photos in her portfolio looked. “The lighting was always perfect, the people always looked amazing, and I could just tell she had great attention for the little details. In the end I had to have her. So we booked her and I never regretted it!”

Kiss Photography also offers engagement sessions, which Corisa believes is a great way for couples to get to know her and feel comfortable being the centre of the camera’s attention. Christina and Josh found the engagement shot to be the perfect warm-up for their wedding.

“Our favorite memory that we still laugh about is the ‘smile training’ she put us through. I joked with her that my husband-to-be wasn’t known for smiling widely for pictures, so Corisa suggested we do an engagement-style shoot to practice. It was so delightful, and our wedding photos show his relaxed confidence from that ‘training’ session,” admits Christina.

Megan and Dave, another couple who used Kiss Photography, also agreed that the engagement session was a perfect ice-breaker.

“Before the wedding, in all my communication and meetings with Corisa, she was patient and understanding of my nerves and my many questions for her. She took our engagement photos and seemed to enjoy getting to know us that day. That made us more comfortable together on our wedding day.”

The first consultation…

During the first consultation, Corisa meets with the couples at her studio or a mutually agreed upon location. She then gets to know her clients by asking what they’re looking for – style, location, what they would like to have covered in terms of getting ready before the ceremony or after at the reception.

Once hired for the job, Corisa requests more detailed information about the ceremony and reception times, number of expected guests and if the couple want family photos. This is to ensure there is enough time to accommodate family photos and formal wedding shots. If there is only an hour allocated between the ceremony and reception, Corisa often suggests having formal photos done before the ceremony.

Christina and Josh based their decision to have Corisa shoot their day based on their first consultation. “Corisa has a relaxed and warm, but professional air about her. We knew after that meeting that we had found who we would work well with. Our experience was fun and engaging from the beginning. She was happy to help us figure out we would benefit from for our package, and how to prepare for such an important day.”

Corisa finds that many couples ask for suggestions for their formal photos and she usually likes to suggest three backdrops – architecture, water and gardens – but it really depends on the location and timeline of the day. One thing that Corisa always requests is a list of family photos before the wedding to ensure the couple is getting every possible photo they’d like. She admits that it can be very easy to get caught up in the day and forget someone in the family photos.

Packages and prices…

Kiss Photography offers professional wedding photography with packages starting at $1,250. All of the packages include a DVD with full resolution, fully edited, copyright free images in colour, black and white, and cream.

Petite Package for $1,250+PST, 3 hours of continuous time, one location (unless a second location is close), 100 images fully edited. The Traditional package includes 5 hours of continuous time for $1,750 + PST and up to 2 locations, and 200 images fully edited. The Deluxe Package includes 8 hours of continuous time for $2,250 + PST, multiple locations, 300 images fully edited.

The average bride spends approximately $2,500 with Kiss Photography. Corisa always recommends booking a minimum of 6 months in advance and requires a 30% deposit to secure the date.

The most popular package is the Deluxe Package, which allows 8 hours for the bride to either have ‘getting ready’ photos, ceremony, family photos, formals at multiple locations if desired, and/or a longer reception. It is by far the most flexible package and encompasses the majority of the day.

To Alicia and Ryan, Kiss Photography represented value. “Your photos are your most important investment from your wedding. They help make your memories last. I am so glad that we made the decision to book with Corisa, and I don’t regret it for a second.”

On the wedding day…

On the day of the wedding, Corisa utilizes the help of her assistant, who used to professionally shoot weddings. With her previous experience, Corisa sometimes has her assistant shoot as a second photographer to get different perspectives, like shooting a couple from a church balcony from the ground and the balcony itself.

Corisa also works hard to get those original shots of the day like the empty church before guests arrive, arranging wedding parties around old cars and generally trying to remember all the details that can be forgotten during the excitement of the day.

For Megan, who got married in April, she was extremely impressed with Corisa’s attention to details.

“We had posy-style bouquets with very long stems. The most frequent thing Corisa said to us while taking the photos on the day of the wedding was “stems in!” “stems in!” as Corisa assured us the photos would look much nicer without the long stems showing. Recently, when I was showing Dave the wedding photo of a friend he shook his head and tutted “stems in!” I think every time I look at a wedding photo now, I will always notice the stem position!” recalls Megan.

Alicia also appreciated Corisa’s attention to detail. “She was extremely professional and very accommodating for my large wedding party. The details that I didn’t care about as much on the day of the wedding (because I was hot and didn’t much care if there was a small wrinkle in my dress) she made sure were perfect. I was grateful for that later when looking at all of the photos. I could really tell she had a lot of experience and a great talent,” says Alicia.

After the Wedding Day…

After the wedding, Corisa spends time editing the images that she feels best represent the couple’s special day the most. This of course is a lengthy process and can usually takes several weeks, but Corisa has been known to grant special requests.

“I know that it often takes months for edited photos to be provided back, but before Corisa left us on our wedding day, I asked her if she could provide me with one photo as soon as possible that I could use for thank you cards,” say Megan. “I was so happy when only five days after the wedding she emailed me three gorgeous edited photos. I completed and mailed all the thank you cards. It was really nice that Corisa was able to work with that timeline for us.”

As with any business owner, Corisa works hard to ensure her clients are happy and often, happy couples recommend her services. After Alicia’s wedding, one of her bridesmaids enlisted Kiss Photography’s services.

“So now I have had her take my wedding photos, one of my best friend’s wedding photos (I was in her wedding party as well), and I also booked her this past Christmas for a family portrait shoot at Goldstream park that turned out beautifully. All of the large blown up photos in my house (aside from those of my children) are taken by Corisa. If anyone were to ask me about a photographer for portraits or weddings I would highly recommend her,” admits Alicia.

Details, Details, Details…

•    The average bride spends approximately $2,500 for wedding photography
•    It’s advised to book a minimum of six months in advances
•    A 30% deposit is required to secure the date
•    Summer dates book quickly, so it’s recommended to book your wedding day as soon as possible

Contacting Kiss Photography

Corisa Pringle at Kiss Photography can be reached by email at kissphotography@shaw.ca or by phone at 250-812-0287. You can also visit Kiss Photography online at http://www.kissphotography.ca.

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