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Family-run Julia Weddings offers full event décor, lighting services and floral design for some of Kitchener-Waterloo’s most incredible weddings and events

Driven by passion to design events worthy of your special celebration and offering list of services tRequest more pricing, details and info from this vendor!hat cover everything you need for your event – from lighting and linens to full floral design – Julia Weddings is well known for their excellence in design. They have dressed venues across the region for both small and large events alike. This wedding and special event decoration company, whose storefront is located on Frederick Street in Kitchener, has become one of the region’s most respected names in event design.

Staff at the Ring sat down with Sophia Georgiou to learn all about the wedding services that Julia Weddings offers.

About Julia Weddings…

Sisters, Sophia Georgiou and Stella Erotokritou have their mother, Julia Savva to thank for sharing her love of decorating. Although Julia passed away in 2003, her daughters honour their mother’s memory with each and every wedding they provide décor for. The sisters pride themselves by giving clients personal and customized services to make any special event a memorable occasion.

“The business started in memory of our mother Julia who passed away October 13th, 2003,” says Sophia. On Julia’s birthday, March 13, 2006, the business opened from their mother’s home. “Our reputation as a family-business grew very quickly and brides recognized Julia Weddings as a respectable family run business.”

The team at Julia Wedding consists of Sophia, Stella and both their husbands. “The guys are in charge of all draping and lighting around the room and the girls are in charge to make sure the décor is completed, and the clients are happy,” explains Sophia. In over 13 years, the team has successfully decorated over 1,000 weddings and events!

After so many weddings, Sophia and Stella continue to be inspired by each new event they decorate, as well as honour their mom’s legacy. “We take pride in continuing in our mother’s name within the community. Other than our huge passion for making our customers happy, we love the challenge to be trendsetters in the wedding industry and do our best to keep our brides always on trend,” explains Sophia. “We continually strive to be leaders in this industry and as a result we hope that brides can see our success and come to us.”

Prior to opening Julia Weddings, Sophia and Stella didn’t have any prior industry experience, but they learnt very quickly how the creative industry works and the workload involved. “Our standards were set very high as to where we wanted to be.”

Ashley Karpowicz was first introduced to Julia Weddings at several friend’s wedding and other charitable and community events. “What I loved best about her creative style, was her ability to understand the venue, the colour palette, our attire, and choosing florals and accents that best compliment those items,” admits Ashley, adding that she was also attracted to the company’s one-stop-shop services. “When you walk by their store front, you can tell that they are ahead of industry trends with the decor and florals that fill the displays.”

In the months leading up to her wedding, Ashley lost both her father and grandfather unexpectedly and she admits she become emotional during her initial visit with Sophia. “Knowing that neither of them would be there to walk me down the aisle. Sophia was very kind to console me and expressed a great amount of empathy that I found comforting, as she too lost her mother at a young age. Her mother, Julia used to own that flower business. Sophia provided a ribbon for my bouquet, so that I could tie my grandmother’s, grandfather’s, and father’s rings to the bouquet so that they could still walk me down the aisle from heaven.”

During the process, Sophia says they become the bride’s besties. “We are accommodating and provide friendly customer service with keeping in mind the best interest of our business,” she says. A business that Sophia describes as a classy elegant family run business with unique style, yet easy to deal with.

Julia Weddings

What Julia Wedding Does…?

As floral designers and wedding decorators, Sophia and Stella provide personal and unique services. From lighting and floral designs (run through their Julia Flowers store), the sisters have an extensive network of design professionals that they work with in the Kitchener area. “We offer just about any service to our brides in order to dress up their venue,” says Sophia. “We are a full floral shop with delivery, and we provide ceremony and venue décor and flowers.

Ashley appreciated that Sophia wasn’t afraid to tell her when something wouldn’t match or if it wouldn’t tie together. “I respected that a lot,” she says. “My experience was great. They were very flexible in meeting with us after work and made my mother and I feel really special and welcomed.”

When asked what their most popular product is, Sophia admits it’s their backdrops.

“They certainly stand out from the rest in size, elegant fabrics used, tasteful swagging and our crystal accents like chandeliers and crystal strands.”

As for pricing, Ashley admits that Julia Weddings was very competitive relative to the look and feel of the total package. She explains, “I did a lot of research on other floral companies. Being a model in the wedding industry, I knew a lot of flower shops and in the end, Julia Weddings was the easy choice!”

“Our pricing with setup and takedown usually begin at $1,000,” explains Sophia, adding that they work really hard to work with their client’s budgets while trying to work with a realistic wish list. “Our florals are where we really standout both in terms of price and quality. A brides bouquet ranges in price from $125-175, bridesmaid bouquets are $75-125, coursages and boutonnieres are $20-35.”

A few of our favourite things about Julia Weddings…

1. Julia Weddings is run by two sisters who named their company in honour of their mother
2. They don’t really do anything small. It’s almost always lush, gorgeous, details, trendsetting stylish décor and florals
3. They have a storefront that you can visit in person, showing off both décor and flowers

Julia Weddings giving back to their community

The team at Julia Weddings works on a number of fundraisers across Kitchener-Waterloo…
• St. Mary’s Hospital Breast Cancer Awareness. Raised $60,000 towards buying a Mammography Machine
• Habitat for Humanity
• St. Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church
• Hope Spring Cancer Center
• Canadian Mental Health Association
• St. Peter and Pauls’ Greek Orthodox Food Festival
• Autism Society

Contacting Julia Weddings

To learn more about Julia Weddings, contact Sophia directly by email using the form below. 🙂 You can also visit Julia Weddings online at www.facebook.com/Julia-Weddings. Julia Weddings has also been featured on the Ring here and here.

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