All you need is love... and

Nearlyweds:  Jess Dulmage & Tim Anderson

Together for: 2 years

The proposal: “I like Harry Potter. Like really like it. Okay – I’m obsessed. My fiancé – not so much. He may have read the first chapter of The Philosopher’s Stone and fell asleep during the movie. Both are key points to the story.

It was October and Tim had announced that he had bought tickets for us both to go to a Harry Potter festival, complete with lunch on the Hogwarts Express. To say I was a tad excited would have been an understatement.

The festival was in a week, when he handed me a Coles bag. Inside was a new, but rather lumpy, version of The Half-Blood Prince, and he asked me if I already had this one. Knowing that we were going to the festival, my mind started jumping to what the “lump” could be, and I finally had it figured out – a wand. I was super excited that he had gotten me a wand for the festival!!

When I opened the book to the lump, I quickly noticed that it wasn’t a wand but a ring. There, attached to Chapter 15: “The Unbreakable Vow”, was an engagement ring and a note.

There is no one I would rather start the next chapter of my life with, and have as a step mom to Chloe and Reed. Will you marry me?”

Since then the book has yet to leave my bedside table, still on that wonderful chapter 15.” – Jess

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