Interview Tips for Wedding Experts Featured in

Photo, above: HRM Photography

When staff at go to work writing a review, we first like to send a written interview to the wedding expert we’re about to review.

We end up using the answers from this interview, in combination with our personal interview (which would already have been done by that point), to start drafting the review that will ultimately be shared with brides and grooms.

For some, interviews are no worries. For others, it’s a bit daunting at first. You may be thinking I can’t do this! or I don’t have time for this! But please know…
Answer from the heart and don’t overthink it.
We’ll only use our fav parts of your answers.
If you sound awkward, it’s doubtful that’s the quote we’ll use!
Every answer doesn’t have to be perfect.
Write conversationally.
Think ‘news interview’ not ‘brochure text’.
Include real prices (ie. a range of $0 to $5000+ is too generic, and thus not helpful to couples who are researching their wedding options).
Include real details (ie the ballroom’s max capacity, the decorator’s # months to book ahead)
Do not say you’re best known for excellent customer service. That is already implied due to the fact you’re being featured in The Ring. If you had terrible customer service, you wouldn’t be featured at all.
If nothing else, your answers should reflect your personality, style, and what your company is best known for.

Have fun with it! We love what we do. You love what you do. Our interview process should reflect that. Talk to us the way you would talk on your Facebook page, blog or other social media.