inLight Photo Studio says printing is still key to ensuring memories stand test of time

An expert tip written by Julien Tiffert of inLight Photo Studio |review

We’ve all been there. Purchasing the latest tech gadget, whether it’s a tablet, a notebook or something else, walking out of the store feeling fantastic, only to soon realize (about six to twelve months later) that the product has been ousted by its younger, newer counterpart. That’s because what might be revolutionary in that moment of purchase, quickly becomes an antique in the world

Just ten years ago, brides and grooms were getting their proofs in a printed proof album and photographers stored the negatives from your wedding photos in a fire-proof, water-proof, just about bomb-proof place for nearly a lifetime. Also at the time, Art leather albums were all the rage and printing options were over the top, drop-dead gorgeous.of technology. According to Julien Tiffert of inLight Photo Studio, the same goes for photography storage.

In today’s photography trends, it’s more about online viewing galleries and memory sticks filled with images. This approach offers ease and convenience. But Julien brings up a valid point when he talks about the importance of prints and albums.

Compound that with the fact that often, wedding photos are followed not too long after by maternity photos, then baby photos… Then you’re struggling to decide which baby pics to print and hang on your wall.A lot of couples are happy with the memory stick. They usually tell themselves that they’ll get prints done once they’ve chosen their favourite images or where they might want to hang them. But the truth is, many couples never get around to printing their wedding photos!

It’s important to remember that both technology and time itself can fly by before you know it. Julien says you should print your images so that you can hang them, share them, look at them and store them for life. “It’s the only way to truly make sure that you and your family have photos of your wedding day to share with generations to come.”

Printing is still key | Inlight Photo Studios
Printing is still key | Inlight Photo Studios

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