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Nearlyweds:  Hunter Markle & Trey Smith-Craig

Together for: 4 years

Tell us your story!: “2020 has been a year like no other for everyone. The start of our 3rd year together was shadowed by the passing of several family members and our relationship was challenged. In the coming months of social isolation and physical distancing, we had to learn how to grieve, how to heal, and how to find happiness and joy on our own and together.

It was why, despite COVID-19, we decided in September 2020 we should still getaway this year over Christmas time. We needed to end the year differently than we started – with joy. We sent each other the same place on Air B’n’B – The Cottage on the Noisy River in Creemore, Ontario – we knew it was the place should spend the holidays!”

“We pulled in Christmas Eve in the afternoon and it was picturesque! Secluded in the forest, right beside the river, and when we opened the door we were welcomed by a warm and inviting space, fully decorated for Christmas. We were so grateful. We spent the evening eating charcuterie and Christmas cookies, watching Christmas movies; having a wonderful evening. This trip was a gift to me he had said, so I didn’t expect to open anything on Christmas morning. But as I was getting ready, he told me he had some small gifts to add to my stocking. I let him open his gifts first and when it was my turn my hands began to shake; the stocking was filled with wrapped jewelry boxes, but I open each of the six boxes, they each had some small candies. When I finished he told me there was one gift left and instructed me to open it with my eyes closed and hang it on the tree. I did this and when I opened my eyes it was a giant ornament that said ‘Hunter, will you Marry me?!'”

“I turned around and he was down on one knee, big beaming smile, and he said ‘You have been with me through my worst, I think its time you get my best.’ I burst into happy tears, said yes, and we hugged and kissed. It is a Christmas we will never forget and the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in our lives.” – H

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