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Request more pricing, details and info from this vendor!London-based Husband-Wife wedding photography team at Have Heart Photography says they’re best known for offering quality images at fair prices. And yet it’s likely their personalities and ability to ‘mesh’ with clients so easily, that has couples booking so many weddings these days. Ashley and Jason know that when it comes to weddings, it’s the photographers’ relationship as husband and wife that truly give them a unique insight into the world of wedding photography. This understanding and appreciation of marriage allow Ashley and Jason Dance to truly capture those magical wedding day moments. Staff at The Ring sat down with Ashley and Jason to find out what couples can expect from this husband and wife photography team.

Have Heart from the beginning…

Like many other successful entrepreneurs, Have Heart Photography began as a hobby. Eventually, Ashley and Jason realized they could combine their passion with their day job.

“We have always loved photography and capturing images of travel, family and friends. The moment that changed photography from a hobby to a job was our own wedding. We thought, how perfect it would be to work together and capture other people’s love on the best day of their lives,” admits Ashley. From that day, the couple spent hours learning and gaining experience until they were confident to launch their business in September 2012. Today, on average, Have Heart Photography does 15 or more weddings every season.

Amy and Jesse Abraham got married on a beautiful fall day on September 27, 2014. “Upon our first meeting with Jason and Ashley, I knew that I wanted to have them as our photographers at our wedding. They have a passion for what they do and could tell that they truly love being part of your special day,” Amy says.

“We have made a career out of something we are passionate about. We make a living capturing a couple’s love. We feel honoured to be such an important part of every client’s wedding and there is not better feeling than giving our client images that they will treasure for a lifetime.”

“I recommend Have Heart Photography to everyone who is getting married. They are seriously the dream team and not only work well with their clients but as a married couple work amazing with each other. They are on the same page and very professional which makes everything a breeze,” says Kimberley White, who got married on August 15, 2015.

Finding inspiration from their clients and surroundings, the duo use the tools – cameras, lighting, light modifiers, editing software – to achieve the images they see in their mind. “Some people like to hang their degree on the walls. We prefer to hang beautiful art that we create through our lens.”

Megan Chomitz and her husband (who were were married May 29th, 2015) enlisted Have Heart Photography for their engagement and wedding photos. The company was were originally recommended to Megan from someone she knew, and once she saw Have Heart’s portfolio, the decision was made. Especially considering they would get two photographers in one wedding package.

“They are so creative with their photos. There was a rocky embankment by the beach at our wedding, and they had the whole wedding party out there – the pictures looked so incredible,” says Megan.

Amy agrees that their work and portfolio speaks for itself. “I really liked their technique and creativity when it came to their work. Every session they do with people is different.  They have a very good eye for certain shots and poses. It really shows in a lot of their work.”

Have Heart Photography’s photography style…

With experience photographing in all different types of weather and lighting situations, the team always aim to stay out of the way while capturing candid images during the day, but Jason and Ashley also help the bride and groom keep their day running smoothly.

“My biggest reason for choosing Have Heart Photography for my wedding is their amazing portfolio.  After viewing their website and seeing their style they definitely spoke to me.  They are so creative as they capture their clients most intimate and joyful moments.  I knew I had to have them for my wedding because when I look back in 10 years I wanted my photos to remind me and reflect the feeling I had the day I got married, and they absolutely do,” explains Kimberly.

As their portfolio grows and their images push traditional wedding photo standards, Have Heart Photography has continued attracting industry attention.

“Every photo we give our client has been fully edited and treated the same as those key images (first kiss, wedding party photos, first dance, etc.) We are also known for our dynamic signature shots. We love to use lighting and modifiers to create those next level images.”

With their easy going personalities, Ashley and Jason believe couples choose them because of their wedding packages, image quality, personality and fair pricing. “If we had to guess our high quality images at a fair price point spark a client’s initial interest and our personalities and ability to mesh with clients results in them choosing us for their day.”

The photographers stay current with trends, but for them, they strive to capture these changing trends in a timeless fashion.

“I could not have asked for a better experience with meeting Ashley and Jason.  They are both so easy to talk to and you can tell they genuinely care about your experience as a client and friend.  They made both my husband and I feel at ease with the whole process and made us feel confident that our photos would be exactly what we want.  They were great with balancing our needs and wants, and their professional experience,” Kimberly says.

What they do best…

Every wedding vendors has specialties. We asked Ashley, Jason and their past clients, what they felt theirs were…

  1. Have Heart excels with bold and vibrant photos. The world is colourful and Jason and Ashley don’t shy away from colour. They also love to contrast their black and white photos to make them “POP”. Images are processed to look sharp and timeless and they don’t hide behind desaturated filters.
  2. With a shared creativity and passion for photography, Ashley and Jason are constantly pushing themselves to progress and try new things. They view every wedding as an opportunity to create images that take them to the next level.

“What we loved best was they listened to us and what we wanted out of our photos and created something we didn’t know was possible,” Kimberly says.  “Their creative direction was exactly what we needed and the way they handled our large wedding party (which didn’t always listen) was great.  They surpassed all my expectations and created a wedding album I didn’t know was possible.”

  1. As a husband and wife photography team, Ashley and Jason believe that their relationship is perfect to capturing weddings. In fact, working together and spending time with each other is an opportunity the couple enjoys. This connection is apparent with the business’ clients and the images and memories that Have Heart captures.

“There is such an advantage in having two photographers. For the engagement and wedding party photos Jason was behind the camera, while Ashley directed us. When we were getting ready for the big day, Jason was with the guys and Ashley was with the girls taking our respective photos. I can’t imagine not having two photographers,” Megan says.

“I really loved their vibe and their personalities,” admits Amy. “They are both such kind, genuine people with love for each other and love for the work that they do. They made us feel comfortable right from the beginning and allowed us to open up and feel more relaxed while getting our photos taken.”

Your first consultation…

During the consultation, engaged couples meet the husband and wife photography team to determine if everyone is a good fit. The initial meeting also provides an opportunity for details to be discussed, including wedding and ceremony location, guests, wedding packages, timing, etc.

“There is never any pressure to book with us at any point of the process,” says Ashley. If the clients do decide to book with Have Heart, a contract is drafted and signed. A deposit is required to secure the wedding date.

Couples will meet again with Jason and Ashley if an engagement shoot has been booked, otherwise, discussions will commence two weeks prior to the wedding to discuss final details and wedding itinerary.

Amy and Jesse used Have Heart Photography for both their engagement photos and wedding. “The whole experience in general with Jason and Ashley was memorable. However, the engagement session really stuck out to us to be more memorable. Before the photo shoot my husband and I were a little nervous and didn’t know what to expect as we had never had our photos taken professionally. Once we all arrived at our location, that feeling quickly went away as Jason and Ashley knew how to make us feel more comfortable and relaxed,” explains Amy. “Their personalities are contagious as they are so kind and relaxed to be around. They definitely made us feel more at ease during the photo session and it showed in our photos. We were very pleased leaving that shoot and confident that them photographing our wedding would go just as smooth.”

“Have Heart Photography prices were exactly what we were looking for.  Everyone knows weddings can be expensive so to find a price that matched our budget was amazing.  The value we received was absolutely above what we paid!” Kimberly says.

What to expect on the wedding day…

Working together, Ashley and Jason ensure the focus of the days stays on the bride and groom and their love, after all, the wedding is about the celebrate of couple’s relationship.

“Our favorite time is when we get to take the bride and groom away from the crowd and action of the wedding and capture timeless and real moments between the newlyweds,” says Ashley.

“We both share the role of lead photographer,” explains Ashley. “We play on each other’s strengths to best capture our client’s wedding.” Having two photographers ensures all aspects of the day are captured. In most cases Jason starts the day capturing prep photos with the groom and Ashley with the bride. Then, they connect again at the wedding venue and capture the rest of the wedding together.

“Getting your photo taken can be awkward, but Ashley and Jason made us feel really comfortable around the camera. They also had great ideas about creative shots and poses that I never would have thought of. They worked really well together to find interesting and unique shots,” Megan explains.

“My favourite memory with Have Heart Photography was when Ashley was at my house shooting all the women and Jason was with the guys shoot them as they got ready,” Kimberly remembers. “I was obviously nervous about the whole day already and to have the added pressure of spending so much money on photos or videos, I wanted to make sure I got all the shots I envisioned.  THE BEST part about this whole experience is all those shots I wanted before we got married were taken and I didn’t even have to ask or direct. The moment Ashley walked into the house she got right to work in a calm collected manner.  She was so relaxed and communicated to me all the shots she was going to take as I got ready and enjoyed the day. After that, there was never a moment that I was wondering “okay did we get my dress, or jewelry”, I was completely confident she had everything under control. As for the guys, I heard after Jason was amazing, he fit right in and was so flexible to work with, just like one of the guys.”

Packages and prices…

To give you an idea of pricing and packages with Have Heart Photography, their basic packages* include 6 hours of wedding day coverage for $1900, 8 hours for $2150 and 10 hours for $2300. Adding an engagement session runs $200.

Ashley and Jason say their most popular option is the eight-hour wedding package with engagement session included ($2350). From prep and ceremony to reception and party, this package offers the right amount of time to capture the full day.

The engagement shoot also provides Ashley and Jason the opportunity to spend some time with the couple. In fact, this could be considered the dress rehearsal without the dress.

*All packages include HST. Photobooks and a Photobooth are available a la carte.

All Have Heart Photography wedding packages include:

  • face to face consultations
  • venue walkthrough
  • two photographers for the duration of the day
  • all high resolution images edited by Jason and Ashley on USB
  • photos delivered within 6-8 weeks and a sneak peek within a week!
  • password protected web gallery
  • 50% off engagement shoot
  • full use of images

Details, details, details…

  • The average bride spends approximately $2,100 to $2,800 for wedding photography
  • They recommend booking at least 12 months in advance
  • A $400 deposit is required to secure the date
  • The remainder of the balance is due on the day of the wedding
  • Interested clients are encouraged to reach Have Heart Photography by email
  • HST is adding to all photography services


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Ashley & Jason at Have Heart Photography can be reached by email through the form below. You can also visit Have Heart Photography online at haveheartphotography.ca.

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