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Hauser Hall in Heidelburg creates an atmosphere of romance with old-world architecture and modern décor for wedding days set amid this 1800’s church

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Photo, above: Elfreda Dalby Photography | From the moment that we walked through the door at Hauser Hall five years ago, we knew local brides and grooms would love it. Originally a church built in the 1800s, Hauser Hall is an incredibly romantic ceremony and reception location nestled in the countryside of Heidelberg, near St. Jacobs. Fully restored by the Hauser family (you’ll likely recognize the name from Hauser Stores), this location incorporates old-world architecture, modern décor and an element of high-style romance that you thought you could only dream of for your wedding day.

Hauser Hall has two floors of beautiful décor and space for your ceremony, reception, and dance. From front to back, the hall offers both natural and contemporary sunken lighting, cathedral ceilings, and hardwood floors. Once you’ve toured Hauser Hall in person, you’ll see just how easy it is to fall in love with. Let us tell you more…

The history…

This church-style building was acquired by the Hauser family for use within their family for special functions such as weddings, baptisms, and holiday get-togethers. Since the family is spread out throughout Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto, and South Africa, they wanted a place to congregate and celebrate, just as you would do at your wedding.

When they purchased the building, it was a furniture factory and needed some desperate attention. Architect (at McCallum Sather Architects in Hamilton) and family member, Drew Hauser, coordinated the restoration. “We rebuilt the entire mechanical and electrical systems, added the kitchen and bathrooms as well as many interior details. The historical spirit of the building is still in tact while being completely modernized.” The Hauser family even investigated the original plans and restored the entry level to its original layout – with some modern interpretation. “My father designed some subtle blue coloured glass panels for the gothic windows and a menagerie of metal details that pervade the space.” The family also enhanced the original architecture to bring out what original detail was left in the Hall and also offer a layout that could separate the reception and dining program.

Since opening their grand oak doors to the public Hauser Hall limits itself to twenty weddings or events each year.

Experiencing Hauser Hall

When staff at The Ring were given the full tour of the facility, we couldn’t help but take a lot of pictures in an attempt to fully capture the variety of unique features offered within Hauser Hall. One of these features is the two different areas that are available for a couple on their wedding weekend. There are two levels, each offering a very different atmosphere, one perfect for an intimate ceremony and the other ideal for an elegant reception.

The main floor’s chapel-style set-up amidst walls of windows is perfect for your ceremony. It offers a cathedral feel, while still giving you the advantage of never having to leave the grounds for your entire wedding day. Dinners are served downstairs at banquet tables set for up to 100 guests, arranged in a ‘U’ shape that creates a romantic, social setting. If you have another set-up in mind, this is also possible. After dessert, guests will gather upstairs for music and mingling amidst the soaring ceilings and hardwood floors perfect for dancing.

It’s all yours

Drew explained why he feels Hauser Hall has become such a hot spot for brides in recent years, “The way the hall is set-up, the upstairs is a great area for music and dancing. Downstairs is much more quiet. People would travel between the floors dancing and chatting. It is a very social atmosphere. People want to stay till the end! It is great fun. I believe that the atmosphere at Hauser Hall is what makes it so special. You are married in the same space that you dine and celebrate in. There are no other people except those there for your event. Hauser Hall caters to one celebration at a time.” This also means that the hall is available for the rehearsal and decorating the day before the wedding, and that there is no time that your guests will need to be out by on the wedding day.

One of Hauser Hall’s best features is the opportunity to have your entire wedding in one place without compromising on ideal surroundings. The main upstairs room is ideal for both the ceremony and the reception portions of the day and the downstairs dining room is perfect for a wedding feast.

Adding alcohol

There are a few things you should know as far as alcohol service goes as well. Drew explains their guidelines for having alcohol at their site, “Our insurance and licensing is based on the fact that alcohol is free [a host bar]. We do not charge a corkage fee. This is usually a huge savings to our brides. Our recommended caterers are trained in Smart Serve and they supply staff to tend your bar. The bridal couple supplies everything that they want at the bar and they do not have to serve it… that way there’s no uncle or cousin pouring triples! It is responsible and economical.” Keep in mind that this requires that you purchase a temporary liquor license from the LCBO as well as purchase your own alcohol.

Details, details, details

• Full wedding packages include full day hall rental, dining tables & seating, bar stations (no corkage fees) and access to the hall for decorating and rehearsal for $3500, plus HST.
• Hauser Hall can accommodate ceremonies, receptions, or both.
• There is no smoking allowed in the hall.
• The hall holds up to 100 people on each of the two levels (i.e. can accommodate 100 people for dinner)
• The Hauser family loves their music and allow all types of music in their facility, including live bands, DJs and string quartets.
• Added features include a working gas fireplace, and a piano – both available for your use with your rental fee.
• There are parking spots for about 34 cars that can be left overnight.
• If you or your guests would like close accommodations, Courtyard by Marriott is located just down the road and The Olde Heidelberg Hotel is just across the road.
• Because Hauser Hall only allows twenty events per year, it’s best to book at least 10 (if not more) months ahead of your wedding date.
• A lot of winter weddings are held at Hauser Hall since the interior is perfect for ceremony, reception and photos, all in one location.
• Hauser Hall also hosts business meetings and in many instances, used for photography shoots.

Contact Hauser Hall…

If you’re interested in viewing the site or speaking with the Hauser family about your wedding, simply email them using the form below 🙂 They will be able to answer your questions and arrange for a viewing. Hauser Hall is located at 2965 Lobsinger Line in Heidelberg, approximately ten minutes from Waterloo and St. Jacobs. You can also check out their website at

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