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Fun and Unique Wedding Jewellery Ideas is a guest post by Jennifer Grappa.

The average cost of a bride’s wedding jewellery in Canada is $6,581 including an engagement ring and wedding band. With the average cost of a wedding being $42,000, this is a significant chunk of the budget. Wedding jewellery doesn’t all have to be brash and dripping with expensive diamonds, however. You can choose some unique and striking wedding jewellery that will still be special and personal to you. You could even get a necklace specially engraved to remind you of your big day. 

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Mood jewellery

The mood ring was first invented in 1975. The stone in the ring is made from combining quartz and liquid crystals, and the colour will change depending on the mood (or temperature) of the wearer. This means that a colour-changing mood ring could go from black through all the colours of the rainbow. If the ring is green, it indicates romance; yellow shows that you care, and purple indicates love. You could choose to wear a mood ring on your right hand when you get married. Alternatively, you could wear a necklace that includes mood stones, for a real statement piece. 

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Family tree necklace

A special necklace that represents your family tree is a wonderful idea for your wedding, particularly if your marriage is uniting together with your families when you both have children. A collar necklace made of silver or gold branches would sit well with an open-necked or strapless wedding dress, and you can even have the branches engraved with your names and those of your children. A pendant shaped like an oak tree, representing strength and longevity is another lovely idea for wedding jewellery: it is symbolic of growth. 

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Memory charm bracelets

Charm bracelets were particularly popular in the 1970s, but have made an enormous comeback this last ten years. Your wedding day is the ideal time to start a new charm bracelet – you can even pick your first charm together, representing the vows that you are going to say to one another. You could choose a charm that reminds you of the song you had played on your first dance, or add a miniature silver wedding cake to your bracelet. Every year following your marriage, you could add a new charm on your anniversary. 

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Your wedding day is a wonderful celebration of love, and it is a good time to wear some fabulous statement jewellery. What you choose can be symbolic of your love and devotion together, and it will always be treasured long after your big day. 

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