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Photo: Erin Wallis Photography | West Coast Inspiration Design Palette

Photography: Erin Wallis Photography

Sometimes serendipity just takes the cake… so to speak. Our West Coast Inspiration editorial was a happy coincidence of wonderful ideas, laid back photographers and floral designers mixed with some of the most beautiful gowns from Pnina Tornai – including one that was just days off the New York runway, thanks to the cooperation of Kleinfeld Canada and Kleinfeld New York. We were honored to have shoes from Emmy London which was due to the wonderful happenstance of having met Emmy in the streets of New York the previous year and discovering her to be splendid company.

Erin Wallis of Erin Wallis Photography was the perfect choice for the Tofino scenery and our model, Autumn. True story: When Erin asked if we had any feel in mind for the shoot we sent her a photo found online that looked ‘ethereal’ and she wrote back, in some excitement, that it was one of her photos!!? Erin and Karen, of Pettle & Kettle: Parksville Florist and Tea Co., were very comfortable working together and it showed in how they chose their shoot locations and ideas around Long Beach Lodge Resort. After all, climbing up cliffs and hanging chandeliers out of the sky takes a little bit of ingenuity!

Szymon Photography was there to help out and document behind the scenes while Mark, of On the Beach: Tofino Videography filmed some of the beach magic. Coastal Cake Company had designed a cake with the water in mind and we were thrilled when we were able to get the cake out into the waves. Our model, Autumn of Autumn Rayne Artistry, went through rain, barefoot cliff climbing and the tide all the while trying to protect the gowns – often at the expense of herself!

Lest anyone think this was ‘a day at the beach’, this shoot started the day after a massive storm on Vancouver Island, the shoes and gowns both suffered from delivery woes (those gowns went up and down the Island twice!) and our model changed gowns right there on the cliffs (brave girl!). But then the skies decided to open up with all kinds of various colors and Erin went just a little crazy (professionally, of course!) and it was all worth it when she put one photo up and it was shared around the world just hours later…

Venue: Long Beach Lodge Resort
Gowns: Pnina Tornai exclusively for Kleinfeld NY and Kleinfeld Canada at Hudson’s Bay (review)
Hair and Make-up: Petrichor Hair Workshop
Set and Floral Design: Petal and Kettle Floral Boutique & Tea Co.
Cake: Coastal Cake Company
Accessories: The Bride’s Closet (review)
Videography: On the Beach Tofino Wedding Videos
Behind the Scenes: Szymon Szymczakowski Photography
Shoes: Emmy London

From the Spring/Summer 2015 issue of The Wedding Ring VANCOUVER ISLAND Magazine