{Fav Things} Q & A with St. George Banquet Hall

St. George Banquet Hall

We sat down and spoke with the GM at Waterloo, Ontario’s St. George Banquet Hall (stgeorgehall.com) to find out more of what makes this beautiful venue so special and easy to work with. From the high ceilings and gorgeous archways to their large, breathtaking ballrooms, it makes sense that St. George Banquet Hall makes so many Kitchener-Waterloo couples’ must-see list…

St. George Banquet Hall
St. George Banquet Hall

Q: What is involved in booking an event at St. George Banquet Hall?

A: First, we introduce ourselves. We always want you to feel welcome at our hall and feel free to open up, and if something bothers you; tell us! Our goal here, is to make you happy. Second, we set up a tour date. This way you get a chance to see what our hall looks like and the different style our hall possesses. Third, we go through all the possible menu options. Minimizing it to all your selected options. After all of this is done, your event is officially booked the moment you confirm with us!

Q: What makes St. George different from all the other venues out there?

A: We don’t rush. We want you to be confident in your decision. But, we will always be here to help you out, every step of the way.

Q: Do you allow outside catering and do you have your own?

A: Yes, we do allow outside catering,However, we do charge a fee for it. Since, most of the times it’s outside catered food but our staff that is working on it. We also have our own catering service. With chefs that know how to make a lot of dishes. Our menu’s can always be customized!

Q: How is the staff there and are they helpful?

A: For every event, we make sure to have a certain amount of staff for a certain number of guests. That way, everyone is being looked after. We also have a minimum of two operation managers on the floor to make sure everything goes as planned.

Q: Do you have space for ceremonies?

A: Indeed, we do. We have a Gazebo outside, that can be set up for you.

Q: How do people confirm the booking and what kind of payments are needed?

A: The booking is confirmed by giving a deposit. This confirms your event is booked and no one else can take your space. For full payments, we usually expect it to be given 2 weeks prior to the event.

Q: What else needs to be done?

A: Nothing else. Once its booked and the event occurs, we only wish that you will give us another opportunity to help you in the near future.

Contacting St. George Banquet Hall

To learn more about hosting a wedding at St. George Banquet Hall, contact Randy Veljovic directly by email using the form below. 🙂 You can also visit St. George Banquet Hall online at www.stgeorgehall.com.