Fall weddings are favourites at WRPA Banquet Hall & Recreation Centre

An Expert Tip by Waterloo Regional Police Association
Banquet Hall & Recreation Centre

The Banquet Hall & Recreation Centre at the Waterloo Regional Police Association sees a lot of events throughout the year, but the Marketing and Public Relations team at WRPA says that one of their favourite seasons to host weddings right now is fall. “It used to be that summer held the most desired months to get married and that you would have to book at least a year ahead to get your desired venue. We are now seeing brides being swept off their feet with the idea of tying the knot in the fall season.”

The WRPA team explains that fall weddings guarantee that lovely scent of autumn air and loves how many ways couples can tie into the season as a theme. “Maybe you want to add a pot of apple cider with cinnamon sticks to swirl in with the smells of the leaves changing colour… Or host an outdoor ceremony surrounded by the bright colours of trees getting ready to go to sleep for the winter.”

The WRPA Banquet Hall and Recreation Centre offers event space for up to 400 guests, including offering outdoor spaces where their couples can host ceremonies and/or reception surrounded by nature in its abundance of colours, making every scene picturesque.

The WRPA team says the best thing about holding your wedding during this season though is that it is budget friendly. “Bright leaves, candles, cattails and beautiful branches aid in allowing you to keep funds available to upgrade in other areas.”

More about the WRPAEstablished in 1972, the private club was created for police officers to escape into the country to relax and socialize. While the club was originally associated only with the police, word quickly spread of the venue and everything it had to offer. 

“We started receiving inquires from the public asking if there was any way they could use the Grand Ballroom or Boardroom for personal use,” says Coordinator, Jackie. “We ended up opening those two entities to the general public and haven’t looked back since.” Over the past 40 years in business, the venue has hosted hundreds, indoors and out. Read their review or visit their website for more. 

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Expert Tips, Waterloo Regional Police Association