Extreme Makeover: Wedding Venues Edition (Part One)

PART ONE | For some brides, options are limited when it comes to choosing a reception space. Sometimes the local community centre or legion hall fits your size, budget or availability needs best, yet doesn’t tie in with the wedding desigin you’ve envisioning. In fact, even gorgeous halls can need a makeover in order to fit in with in your theme and style.

But with a great decorator, you can make just about any location fit the vision of your dream wedding. Cindy Hefferan, owner and decorator at Now and Always Special Event Decor in Paris, Ontario (read review here) tells us that any space can be made over, to look incredible, if you do it right. “All it takes is a little imagination [and some serious decorating talent] to make any venue the ideal venue for your wedding.” Here a few examples of how Cindy can turn drab into fab!!

Now & Always