{expert tips} Four Keys to a Killer Dance Party with Wedding DJ Co, Olympic Sound

Expert tip by Olympic Sound Owner (website | review), Jasmyn Vickery-Lancinger

1. List what you love and what you don’t: Sit down with your soul mate and write down your favorite songs together – creating the “must-play list.” Then write out what you absolutely do not want played – your “Don’t you dare list”… Jasmyn recommends, “Once you’ve handed over the lists, leave the rest up to the pros. Try not to micromanage your DJ. That’s why you hired us!” If your must-play list gets too long (more than 10 songs), create a third list. This can be more of a “wish list” of songs you’d like to be played only if your guests respond positively to them.

2. Pre-ceremony music sets the tone: Jasmyn recommends playing prelude music thirty minutes prior to your ceremony. “Many couples don’t think of this. With prelude music playing while guests walk in, it sets a mood – an ambiance. And it encourages socializing! Trust me, anything is better than complete silence.”

3. Do-it-yourself DJ’ing is NOT recommended: Jasmyn explains that if one of your top three priorities for your wedding is a “completely killer dance party,” you should be on the hunt for a really good, professional Disc Jockey. And she knows that’s easier said than done; “To find a really good DJ, it takes some research…you need to check out their website, meet them in person and ask lots of questions on everything from their style to what backup gear they bring to events. Jasmyn says that a wedding DJ needs to be able to cater to all crowds, tastes, ages and music genres. iPods are never going to equal a Wedding DJ. Jasmyn says, “We have a huge selection of music at our fingertips and can adjust music and volume to the mood of the crowd immediately. This is crucial. A good DJ’s job is to read the crowd and keep them dancing!”

4. Louder isn’t always better: “A wedding reception isn’t necessarily the place for club-level volume,” admits Jasmyn. “It could only frustrate your older family members and make it impossible for them to socialize and enjoy the party.” In fact, when you go over the timeline and song list with your DJ, discuss volume and make sure your DJ will be able to manage it appropriately.

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The Olympic Sound team not only acknowledges the importance of the role your DJ plays on the wedding day, but their DJs know how to direct a great stag & doe too. And according to their loyal brides, they’re the first to dig in and help in any way they can, for a truly seamless wedding day.

So, armed with tons of personality, hands-on experience, and high tech equipment, the Olympic Sound DJs are certainly some of our brides’ favourite DJs to check out in The Ring. You can read The Ring’s review on Olympic Sound here.

Or, for more information, contact Jasmyn Vickery-Lancinger at 519 577 7847 or email her  at info@olympicsound.com.



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