{expert tip} Weddings shift from tradition to celebration

Weddings shift from tradition to celebration | Photo: HRM Photography

An Expert Tip From DJ Alpha Productions (djalpha.ca) | Photo, above: HRM Photography

From the Fall/Winter 2015 issue of The Wedding Ring ONTARIO Magazine

Over the past few years, DJ Alpha has noticed a shift from tradition and formality (that were, quite frankly, outdated and boring) to an atmosphere of celebration. The wedding is less of a “necessity” and more of an event, making today an exciting time for a couple to get married! Your entire wedding can be personalized, and vendors everywhere are bringing ideas to the table to help make your day completely original!

‘Back in the day’ when DJ Alpha played exclusively at nightclubs, we did everything we could to avoid playing a wedding. We had been to weddings as kids and found them to be stuffy and boring. But today’s weddings have ditched the receiving lines, cheesy videography styles, and stale photography approach. Now, they’re about personalization, style, rock star videos, authentic candid photos, and most importantly, unforgettable parties!! And that is where we come in!
Thankfully, modern couples often consider the entertainment as a top priority. Most of our clients name the entertainment in the top three of their reception priorities.

A great example of shedding tradition is to customize a dinner playlist. For many couples, putting together a list of truly loved music, is an undiscovered area of the wedding. As an example, we played a wedding a couple years ago for a couple that loved 90s rock – but we all agreed it’s hard to keep a dance floor going for four hours playing only that genre. Instead, we put together a customized playlist of all “unplugged or acoustic” versions of their favorites, and played that over cocktails and dinner. It was a hit with the guests!

In the past two years, we’ve had a number of couples do away with the garter and bouquet tosses as well. For brides who do want to share their bouquet, we suggest a presentation, where a bride can chose the person they want to have it, and present it to them in a brief moment (contact us to find out more about this).

One of the biggest differences between then and now, is likely the timing of the first dance. Traditionally, the first dance occurred directly after the couple concludes their speech. It was a way to kick off the reception. More and more, we are finding couples choosing to do it immediately upon entering the reception. This helps to relieve any potential stage fright the couple might be battling throughout dinner, because it’s all done at that point. As well, photographers tend to appreciate it, since they’re able to get those dance shots with natural lighting instead of flash.

Lastly, the most notable trend shift we’ve seen is the near death of the “iPod DJ.” There were a few scary years there where couples were taking this risk. Sometimes it worked out okay, but ask yourself this: have you ever been to an Ipod wedding and left thinking ‘Wow, that was such a great mix of music’? We haven’t either. DJ Alpha understands the appeal of cutting back your wedding budget, but we find that most couples aren’t willing to risk the last five hours of their wedding to anything but an experienced professional.

Today’s couples are looking for a DJ company who prides themselves on their work. At DJ Alpha we take the time to learn our craft. We consider it an art. We mix and blend our songs together all night long, so that the party doesn’t stop. Whether it’s new Top 40s, classic throwbacks or a great 90’s set, we are mixing it all together to make sure your feet hurt the next morning – a full dance floor is one of our top priorities.

Weddings shift from tradition to celebration | Photo: Above the Mantel Photography
Weddings shift from tradition to celebration | Photo: Above the Mantel Photography


DJ Alpha is a team of 14 wildly passionate DJs who play weddings, nightclubs, schools and parties. Whether the event has 70 guests or 7000, DJ Alpha earns the trust of even the most discerning couples who are looking for the entertainment to be a focal point of their event. Owner, Dave Galloway, says, “Couples have flown us to Las Vegas, New York, Virginia and Montreal to play their weddings.” That said, most of their events are right here in Southwestern Ontario. “We’ve had the pleasure of opening for recording artists such as Lil’ Jon, Sean Kingston, Dallas Smith, Classified, Walk Off The Earth, The Arkells, Kardinal Offishall, Finger 11, Down with Webster and many more. Our team has been awarded London’s Best DJ in 2010, 2011 & 2013, Most Popular DJ & Most Popular DJ service in 2015, as well as ranking 2nd in Ontario and 3rd in Canada. We have proudly worked with Virgin Radio, Jack FM and Fresh FM to provide mixes for London listeners.”