{Expert Tip} A Wedding Day in the Life of Dan Knight Owner and Operator of Day 2 Knight Events

We wanted the inside scope of what wedding planners have to go through on the day of a wedding. We went to Dan Knight of Day 2 Knight Events  (day2knightevents.com) to find out all the secrets!

“I love that every wedding is different based on the clients needs and wants but the essential flow is the same”. – D
Day2Knight Events
Day2Knight Events

Day 2 Knight Events spends time with the couple the day before the wedding to help with set up, meet the wedding party and families during rehearsal as well as running the rehearsal (if need be) “Once rehearsal is complete my golden rule is their stress is all mine and they now get to be guests at their wedding and enjoy the experience.” – D

“After a good nights sleep wedding day arrives and the fun begins. A good breakfast and dressing typically to match the wedding theme is a great way to kick off the day.” – D

After a quick text to the couple wishing them a happy wedding day and seeing if they need anything, Dan then heads out to pack his car with all the supplies he’s going to need during the day including his wedding survival kit stocked with everything a couple and their guests could possibly need (kleenex, tylenol, tape, pins, etc.)

If the couple has anything that needs picking up on the way to the ceremony site that’s first on the list. Anything from desserts to flowers, etc make their way into Dan’s car so none of the guests have to worry about it. The ceremony location is the first stop to ensure everything is set up, vendors arrive on time to do what they are tasked to do, wedding guests are seated and wedding party and couple arrive without seeing one another all while ensuring things start on time.

“Typically my job is to ensure the flow of the ceremony happens the way the couple requested, from ensuring everyone walking down the aisle is cued to go at the correct time, fluff the brides dress, offer the wedding party a couple of breath mints and kleenex. Once the ceremony is complete and the couple are happily married it’s time to help get guests required to the photographer for photos to take place.” – D”

Then it’s time to be on route to the reception location to ensure all is set up, vendors are arriving on time and all is ready to welcome the couple and their guests to party the night away.

“As the Wedding Planner I help to ensure guests find their seats, know where to put gifts and cards and ensure the evening flows the way the couple has dreamed up from ensuring speeches happen, cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc. I continue to check in with the couple and the vendors throughout the night and help with whatever is needed.” – D

Once the wedding is coming to a close Dan will help secure the decor, gifts, etc that belong to the couple into a safe place for pickup in the morning or help load vehicles of people taking the items home that evening.

“Typically I wait until all the guests are gone, anywhere from midnight – 2am, help clean up if needed and then I’m on my way home.” – D

With the couples permission once I get home I do some social media to thank the couple and share some photos to inspire other couples getting married and provide them with some ideas.


Contacting Day 2 Knight Events

Dan Knight at Day 2 Knight Events can be reached directly by email using the form below. 🙂 or by phone at 519-280-8633. You can also visit Day 2 Knight Events online at http://www.day2knightevents.com.

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