{Expert Tip} The top hair jewellery accessories from Eva Nicol Couture

Eva Nicol Couture

We wanted to know what bride’s were looking for this season when it came to hair accessories and what was the most popular look for 2017! So we sat down with Eva Nicol Couture (evanicol.com) to get the inside scoop….

“I think that I can officially say that traditional tiaras are out!  At least for 2017.  We decided to attempt to weed out the hottest wedding hair accessories and trends for the 2017 wedding year.  And fyi…I think it will continue on into 2018!” -ENC


“This style of wedding hair accessory is EVERYWHERE!! But are brides and their bridesmaids actually wearing them?  They are! Of course, there are soooo many different styles.  You can purchase a single layer halo or you can get them even with three or four layers.  Most halos are designed with some sort of chain and/or rhinestones.  But there are actually some designers who have included pearls in their designs.  Which I think is pretty cool if you want to add a touch of traditional and softness to this very modern head-wear.  Halos are especially loved by the boho bride because they are dreamy and romance all wrapped up in one!” -ENC

There are many ways to wear them. You can wear them slightly back off your hairline as well or even at the edge of the hairline.  Or just over your eyebrows.

Hair Pins

“Hair Pins are a great way to add a simple touch of elegance to your hair. Choose one for a simple updo or more than one for something a little fancier!  Either way, you can’t go wrong.  There are hundreds if not thousands of different styles to choose from.  Some are designed with pearls and crystals while others are designed with rhinestones or you can get them with mixtures of flowers and leaves.  There are so many choices.”

“Wearing these tricky looking hair accessories tucked into an updo is the easiest way to sport hair pins, but don’t limit yourself to that particular style.  It is easy to secure them anywhere in your hair as they normally get secured with true hair pins that we women normally wear to keep our hear back.”

“Besides the endless choices that are available, they can also be the more economical choice.  You can get quality bridal hair pins for as little as $25 each.  Where the budget of a wedding can be tens of thousands of dollars, $25 is less than a drop in the bucket. Buy three and with taxes you’re still under $100.  A pretty good (but beautiful) deal if you compare the cost of an average tiara – usually $150+.”


Floral Wreaths

Again, another boho inspired fashion trend.  Floral Wreaths are absolutely everywhere and are featured everywhere! Like halos, brides and bridesmaids are really wearing them. 

“Depending on what your vision is of your wedding, these can be designed with either fresh flowers or even with store-bought silk flowers.  And if you’re looking at adding the personal touch to your wedding, pick the flowers that really mean something to you.  If I was going to get married again I would choose the gerber daisy.  They are my favourite flowers.  And don’t be afraid of colour!!”

“Fyi…if you’re choosing fresh flowers, they could wilt in the heat, so get those pictures done quickly!”

Metal Flowers & Leaves

“All right. I know. It’s not a true style.  i.e it’s not true wedding hair accessory like a wedding comb or hair pins or a hair vine.”

“But here’s the beauty.  All of these components can be combined into many different types of wedding hair accessories like tiaras, hair combs, hair vines, hair pins, head bands etc.”

“And if you peruse the internet you will see combinations of metal leaves and flowers in some of the trendiest wedding hair accessories.  Combined with Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls, they create a beautiful accessory for any bride.  Because of their versatility, you can find these beautiful products in both silver, gold and rose gold colours.  So don’t fret, there’s lots of choice for colours to match your gown.”