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Getting the newly married couple to kiss is a favourite of wedding guests, but the old fashioned “clinking glasses” is just that: Old Fashioned! Plus, your venue probably doesn’t want everyone banging on their stemware. Change things up with one of these games to put a fun twist on an old classic…

Sing a Song

One of the most popular kissing games is to have your guests sing a song. This can be done by a single person or a group or even the entire table. The MC can let your guests know that in order to see a kiss you or your table must stand and sing a song with the word ‘love’ in it. It works and crowds love it!

Hershey’s Kisses

Get a bag and fill it with 2 different colours of Hershey’s Kisses. The guests are invited to come up and select a kiss from the bag. If they select a silver kiss the happy couple will kiss, and if they select a red one the guest must go back and kiss someone from their table. As with all kissing games, the MC or DJ can announce this game.

Photo: The Art of Weddings

Name That Tune

The bride and groom or the DJ make up a list of popular songs that should be easily identifiable hearing
only a couple of seconds of each. If a guest is interested in trying their luck, they get up and ring a bell. Then the DJ plays the beginning of a song and the guest has to guess what song it is. If they guess correctly, the bride and groom kiss. If they guess wrong, they go back and kiss someone at their table.

Chopstick Professional

The guests pick up different items with chopsticks. The harder the item to pick up the better the kiss. Have the 3 levels of difficulty separated on a banquet table and set up on the dance floor. Put tent cards with the titles of the levels. Once an object has been picked up, it is removed from the table. Easy items: golf ball, another chopstick, a flower, etc. Medium items: a single grain of rice, a ring, a grape, etc. Hard items: a heavy book, something slippery, a piece of paper, a coin, a marble, etc.


Simply announce that in order to get the newlyweds to kiss, a couple in the group must come up in front of the head table and give a demonstration of the kiss they’d like to see. The newlyweds must copy it!

Photo: The Art of Weddings

Featured in the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of The Wedding Ring Magazine

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