{expert tip} Planning a memorable menu with E.V.O. Kitchen

The team at E.V.O. Kitchen (evokitchen.com) knows that your wedding meal is one of the most important elements in the happiness of your guests at your reception. While their primary focus on offering guests healthy, gourmet food, the end goal is always making sure that your guests are still raving about your wedding and the food even years later. To help you achieve a delicious and memorable wedding, the team at E.V.O. Kitchen put together the following tips…..

• Always remember to offer delicious vegan and gluten-free options. The days of a boring pasta dish for vegans/vegetarians or letting your gluten-free guests worry about their choices are in the past. Today’s brides and grooms make sure that their guests have delicious food without the worry of whether it will meet their dietary requirements.

• If you are going with a formal sit-down meal, give your guests lots of options. E.V.O. Kitchen encourages their couples to have multiple selections for guests. “Not everyone loves chicken or beef. It’s easy to offer a variety of options. Your guests will love having choices.”

• If you’re not a fan of a traditional sit down dinner then consider something like an evening themed cocktail party. Consider planning a masquerade ball, a winter gala, or a casino night and make the evening something that none of your guests will forget. There’s no reason that your wedding needs to look like anyone else’s.

• If you’re a traveler then maybe a reception with food stations from around the world is for you. Your guests can spend the evening socializing while sampling cuisine from your favourite countries.

• An afternoon brunch is another wonderful idea that your guests will love. With a mix of breakfast items, salads, charterie and cheese everyone will be treated to a relaxed afternoon filled with wonderful food. Add in a build your own mimosa bar with fresh fruit and tropical juices to give your guests something to talk about.

• Think outside of the box! Your wedding and your wedding meal can be a reflection of who you are as individuals and as a couple. Have fun with it!
ABOUT E.V.O. KITCHEN: E.V.O. Kitchen (♥) (evokitchen.com) a locally owned and operated restaurant located in the historic 1920’s Galt Knitting Company office building, also more recently known as Tiger Brand, serves up delicious food in a stylish atmosphere. E.V.O. Kitchen offers both a wide range of dine in, take out and catering options to suit any special occasion and a stylish event space for up to 130 people. Their modern
industrial event space is perfect for weddings, private celebrations or corporate functions with décor designed to suit most any theme.

Featured in the Fall/Winter 2018 issue of The Wedding Ring Ontario Magazine

Venue: E.V.O. Kitchen | Photo: Lindsay Coulter Photography
Venue: E.V.O. Kitchen | Photo: Lindsay Coulter Photography
MORE ABOUT E.V.O. Kitchen | E.V.O. Kitchen (evokitchen.com) is a locally owned and operated restaurant in Cambridge that offers a wide range of dine in, take out and catering options. more details in their review in The Ring, here . To find out more, email E.V.O. Kitchen directly using the form below. 🙂


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