{expert tip} Keeping an Open Mind when choosing your wedding transportation

Finding transportation that delivers you safely and in style to your wedding locations can be more complicated than you think. We asked Brent, of Brentwood Livery why it’s important to keep an open mind when you’re shopping for the perfect limousine.

Brent tells us “A bride and groom came to Brentwood to look at the fleet in search of the perfect limousine for their wedding. The bride was adamant that she did NOT want to see a limo bus. She did not want a bus for her wedding. Perhaps she was associating the big yellow school buses with limo buses. But not all buses are created equal.

The couple toured the Brentwood garage of vehicles eventually selecting, you guessed it, a limo bus. The bride called back later to thank Darlene for her help picking the perfect vehicle. Even though it wasn’t what the bride originally envisioned for her day, she was thrilled with her selection. Large enough to fit her wedding party comfortably, with all the style and panache that she was looking for.”

Pro Tip: Keep an open mind when you’re shopping for the perfect wedding day transportation. You’ll be surprised how many different styles and options of vehicles are available. 

Limbusine - 30 passengers| Photo: Gary Evans Photography
Limo Bus – 30 passengers | Photo: Gary Evans Photography

Contacting Brentwood Livery

If you’d like to ask Brent at Brentwood Livery questions about their limo bus or other cars in their fleet, you can contact her directly using the form below 🙂

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