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I’m sure most pet owners would agree that our pets are more than just furry friends; they are family members. They spend most of their time keeping us calm, making us laugh, and loving us unconditionally (well, sometimes with a little help from food ;).  The team at Cast & Crewe Photography put together the following tips to help include your pets in your wedding…

THE INVITATIONS & DÉCOR: A great way to include your pets is to feature their image on the invitations, save-the-date magnet, stationary, cake topper or place settings.

Photo: Cast & Crewe Photography

BEFORE THE CEREMONY: Ask your photographer to include portraits of your pet prior to the ceremony. Your pet is most comfortable at home and will most likely be more relaxed while having his or her portraits taken. Also include a few wedding items, like the rings for example.

PHOTOGRAPH YOUR PET’S PHOTO: Sometimes it isn’t possible for your pet to be present on your wedding day. If you have a photo of your pet, ask your photographer to use it as a background.

Photo: Cast & Crewe Photography

THE WEDDING DAY PORTRAITS: Having your pet at the portrait portion of your day is much less stressful, especially if the session is located in a quiet, familiar area. Ask a family member to care for your pet during this time so that you can move freely during the couple or individual portraits.

Photo: Cast & Crewe Photography

THE FIRST LOOK: The first look is a private moment when a couple see each other for the first time before the wedding ceremony. This romantic and often emotional exchange usually takes place at a quiet location on the wedding day and can be an ideal setting if you would like to include your pet.

Photo: Cast & Crewe Photography

THE ENGAGEMENT SESSION: An engagement session is usually a relaxed and fun session, and a great time to include your pets. You can also see how your pets interact with the photographer and new surroundings, especially if you are unsure about including them on the wedding day.

Featured in the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of The Wedding Ring Magazine

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